How to Cure Your Blog’s Hangover

cure blog hangover A hangover is never fun, that feeling of why did I have that last round of shots or that last drink or the ever so hangover promising of mixing alcohols.  No-one sets out on a night with friends to be sick the next day. It happens sometimes and the times that it hits so bad that you go from couch to bed, to bathroom and back to bed frequently in one day brings on that self promise of “I will never do this again” which we all know is a lie but it somehow makes us feel better that moment.  We know at some point we will do it again, not intentionally, but it will happen as we are living the moment and enjoying the ride.  Also who is really thinking that they will be dead in the bed when we order that shot or that next drink?

Starting a blog is exciting, a big party where you write and tell friends and family and they all flock to the article to tell you how great it is.  You write more, promote and people read and comment and traffic goes up and up – euphoria.   It inspires you to write more and look within yourself to write better articles to broaden your reader base. One big party amongst friends.  Then one day, the hangover sets in. Writers’ block or the feeling of what can I write that is not already been done a million times?  Where am I? Where is this blog going?  The feeling of being dead in the bed suddenly becomes dead in the blogosphere with no end in sight.  This happens and continues to happen when we want to jump from zero to 100,000 in a few days or months.  Overindulgence is natural and curable and soon you will be back on track of living in the moment and enjoying the ride of writing and growing at a steady pace and not trying to elbow your way in just to be “in.”

How to Cure Your Blog’s Hangover

1. Read Previous Posts & Rewrite.  Look at your early posts and see which ones need a refresh.  You now have an audience and seeing where you can rewrite old articles that speaks to them, can help them or provoke new thoughts.

2. Read & Comment on Others. Reading other industry and blogs that relate to your hobbies gives you new thoughts and ideas. If it makes you think then comment. Comment on blogs, not only to the author, but to the other comments.  See how others are interpreting the article and jot down some notes.  This will lead to a post of your own that may be similar so you can reference the article or completely different than what the author was writing.  Use this to your advantage as we learn from one another through sharing our thoughts and ideas.

3. Change Scenery/Step Away.  Staring at the blank computer screen does not make the words magically appear.  Go for a walk, a car ride, sit at the park or somewhere where you are relaxed and can watch the world around you.  Changing your scenery opens up your mind to new thoughts and ideas.  Also, stepping away ensures that we will not put up a post just to get it up there and have bloggers remorse.  I share a great article if you were on the fence on hitting that publish button by Lisa Barone, Chief Branding Officer of Outspoken Media, The 7 Blog Posts You Write But Shouldn’t Publish.

4. Read a Book.  Reading a book always creates new thoughts.  Libraries are still open, book stores still have books on the shelves.  This is a part of stepping away from the computer to change things up. Constantly reading online keeps that tense feeling of thinking about what to write and maximize the post for new readers in thrones, which is why your blog has the hangover.

5. Watch a Movie or Sporting Event. Watching others acting out a character in a movie, the plot and the surroundings of where the movie is shot gives you new thoughts and ideas as your mind is clear and away from the pressure of the blank screen.  Athletes giving it their all to win inspires and gets you question how can I give it my all to do better? Where can I improve the overall blog, the blog headlines or the content but enjoy the improvement.

Understanding why you are blogging and not simply responding with for business or pleasure will keep you “available” to write. Focusing on the numbers and the perfect post to be the self proclaimed overnight rockstar will lead to the death of the blog.  The seasoned veterans of blogging did not get to where they are now by focusing on the numbers. They worked hard and provided help and value to the community.  Make your blog so exceptional that people are compelled to share it, build relationships with people so that you can share thoughts and ideas – this will help with posts.  Talk to people, watch people and your surroundings.  Take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the rise to the next level as the highest level does not allow for that much breathing – more like they come up for a breath.

What do you do when your blog has a hangover? How do you get your fingers to walking and do the talking on the keyboard?

photo credit: Kevin Briody

  • Great methods of dealing with blogging problems, I face writer's block often and it's usually after browsing other people's blogs or news stories on similar topics that I get inspired again. Or, it's true, just stepping back for a while and working out goals and reasons for writing that can help.
    I got caught in the trap, when I first moved to the UK, of writing in criticism of the difference in sporting culture between my home country (Australia) and here. In the long term if I stayed on the same line it could turn me into a cynic of all UK sports, so stepping back and seeing that I didn't just want a bitchy negative blog made me search for and appreciate the positives. Still, it would be nice if UK gave some more love to basketball coverage!

  • Suzanne, great post… I am feeling a hangover.. I am trying to get out of bed, take some aspirin and get back at it.. In the process of writing one now. But, this is so true.. I love how you take a real life situation and make applicable to the business world.. Great talent!

  • Suzanne, Always nice to read good tips for blogging, find ways to keep it fresh and new. I'd done something similar in a “Get Creative” post. For # 4 and #5, read a book or watch a movie: inspiration can come from anywhere. I ended up turning a an article about “24” into a post about blogging, so you never know what works.

    I just take a step back, remove the pressure to post. “Make your blog so exceptional that people are compelled to share it, build relationships…” ITA I'd rather fewer, better posts than always saying the same old things. FWIW.

  • Kim

    It is like a big party at first as the articles come easier and you are very focused on it. Once the party is over and it sets in that you need to fit this in every day or whatever your schedule is it does feel like a hangover. Dead in the bed with a blank screen that feels endless. I have found that stepping away and finding other things helps a lot. I organize and clean a lot when I unsure about what to write as that gets work done and allows me to drift off into a thought mode.

    Your blogs are missed for sure.

  • Steve

    I read a lot of other blogs and have tons of pieces of paper and napkins that have words and ideas down that help to get me focused on what the writing will be. It is tough when you have to make a change as the new writing is not all of you but at the same time it can become that by reading more and more.

    I appreciate you sharing your experience as it is a big difference when you go from one country to another and have to change your style. I agree, UK should give more love to basketball, but who knows if positioned right, you can emerge as a resource for those who want to hear more about it.

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

  • Davina

    Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. I sit at the park with my son and tons and tons of thoughts go through my head watching him and the other kids playing or the adults walking their dogs. It is a place for me to relax and just focus on the other people and surroundings which is far away from the computer.

    I have to check out the article on blogging inspired on 24. Creativity is within us all but sometimes gets lost in our every day thoughts of getting things done.

  • It's the “Blog or Rant” entry. And yes, sometimes you gotta step away from the virtual, computer world and get out in the real one.