How To Feed Your Blog To Your Facebook Fans

If you haven’t noticed, Facebook is kind of a big deal.

The latest statistics show that there are 400 million active users.  Active users are users that return to Facebook at least once per month.

That’s impressive.

I have known this for quite some time now but have neglected to deal with my Facebook problem.  My problem is that I was handling Facebook all wrong from the day I started my business.  I was bringing Facebook friends in under my Facebook Profile.

Facebook doesn’t like that. They want you to use a Facebook “Page” like this one that I eventually set up for my business.

But the 400 million number isn’t the one that made me sit up and swallow my Adam’s apple like Scooby Doo — Ruh Roh!

The truly incredible statistic is that about 50% or 200 million of these Facebook users will visit their Facebook page TODAY!  This is an incredibly powerful website.

I decided I had better build a Fan page for my business and invite everyone over to my Fan page from my profile.

If you are creating lots of great content on a blog — one of the easy ways to get your Facebook Fan page going is to pull your blog content into your Facebook fan page via an RSS feed.

The balance of this post will show you exactly how to do that:

First, you need to log on to your Facebook fan page and click on “Edit Page”

Edit Page

Then, scroll down and click on “Notes”


Along the right hand side of the page, click on “Import a blog”

Import A Blog

Now copy and paste the Web URL of your RSS feed and click “Start Importing”

Confirm Import

The last thing to do is verify that you have the proper content pulling through the feed and click “Confirm Import”

almost done

Voila!  Your blog is now feeding into your Facebook fan page.

Happy Facebooking!

Russ Henneberry writes and speaks about Content Marketing tactics and how tiny businesses can make mighty profits using a personal computer, a little imagination and a few well placed dollars.  You can subscribe to his daily blog here.

  • Hey Suzanne,
    Just did it! Awesome!

  • Neat! Thank you. I didn't know I could do that.

  • Andini

    it is a great tool to be able to keep your fans on top of what you are doing through your blog and keep readership up. People are busy top of mind generally is when someone automatically shows up.