How to Rid Your Inbox of Facebook Group Notifications

facebook groupsFacebook Groups, the most recent addition to the Facebook family of tools, while a great way to organize and categorize your friends has quite a few a bit up in arms. Facebook, despite being a permission based platform, has created Facebook Groups as an open join, meaning that each user can create groups and add their friends as they see fit. There are not invitations sent asking someone to join the group, just a simple click of their name and they are added to the group. Of course, they have to be friends with someone in the group but is this just another step in moving to Facebook being non permission based?

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is a good concept in that not all of our friends are friends, not all of our friends are really friends as some are our parents, cousins, nieces, etc. and we do not want everyone that we are friends with to see all of our posts. We do not always want to clog up all of our friends’ walls with everything that we are posting. Groups allows us to talk to the group members and define how public this information is through, open, closed and secret. We are able to have multiple friends on a chat and create an event that easily invites the group members. This is a very useful feature. However, it has been met with controversy.

How to Leave a Facebook Group

Facebook has opted to have groups open and not permission based. This is frustrating for users as we do not always want to be in a group that we are unable to control the name of, the members, etc. We receive a notification that we have been added to the group and before we can even open our Facebook profile, we are inundated with email notifications of the postings of the other group members. While we cannot accept a group invite as it does not exist, we can easily leave the group.

1. Click on the group you have been added to.

2. On the right side, under chat with group and add friends to the group is Leave this group.

3. Click on Leave this Group and a new window pops up confirming that you want to leave the group and also instructions on how to rejoin the group.

How to Leave a Facebook Group

The Ugly Side of Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are not for everyone as we do not have control as to which groups we are added to, the other members that were added and the security level of the group. If we post in the group, our postings in the group are seen by all group members, whether they are friends or not. In addition, the administrator/creator of the group decides if the group is open, closed or secret. Then there is the email notifications. If you were like me and catching up on some much needed rest while groups you were added to were busy posting away to the tune of 168 email notifications, you were running to see how to stop these notifications or leave the groups. This has to be the ugliest side of Facebook Groups as your account settings were set to receive the group notifications and will remain in place until you change them.

How to Rid Your Inbox of Facebook Group Notifications

If you want to turn off notifications for an individual group but keep them for other groups, you will have to go into each group you wish to turn off the notifications individually:

1. Click on the group.

2. Click on Edit Settings and a new window pops up. Here you can decide which notifications you receive, if any at all. You can receive an email notification when: A member posts, A friend posts, Only posts you are subscribed to or you can turn off notifications completely by unchecking the Email notifications to (your email).

edit notifications in facebook groups

If you wish to turn off notifications for every group that you have been added to:

1. Click Account at the top right hand corner.

2. Click on Account Settings.

3. Click on Notifications. Scroll down to Groups and uncheck the boxes that you do not wish to receive notifications for.

how to rid your inbox of facebook group notifications

Facebook Groups can be very useful, especially when we are trying to share things with some friends and not all of them (like mom) however when we start getting to the point where we are spending more time cleaning up our inboxes than we are interacting on our page, it is time to take action and either leave the group or opt out of email notifications.

What do you think, are Facebook Groups useful or are they just a step in the direction of a non-permission based platform?

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  • Suzanne,

    I stopped using Facebook Groups once the Fan Page (now like page) gave me the opportunity to set up a public business profile.

    I had not actually gone in to verify the new features of groups and I have been so Lucky only a handful of people included me in there groups.

    Thank you once again for taking the time to share this insight, if someone asks me a question related to this I will point them your way!

    I agree with you on the issues side it give most users who are trying to bombard you with there stuff even more rights to include you. I guess that now more than ever it is even more important to filter your friends. I went from 2300 friends and have been little by little taking them out if I see any spammy behavior.

    • Raul

      2300 friends! Wow. I keep mine really small and still got inundated with group updates. I see the biggest problem with people who are open on their facebook and have friends, families, colleagues, twitter followers, etc. The amount of groups they were included in and the notifications has to be maddening.

      Thanks for the push to send people to this. FB Groups are useful but yet can go a bit too far. I like the “privacy” (can we say that still about facebook??) but yet we are being exposed to more people. It is so similar to the like and link that we can see a trend and the direction that FB is going – slow and steady to open it up.

      • Yes I started on Facebook and started getting invited to speak and contacting my ex-Army Friends, clients working at a firm where I visited at least 30 locations a year making contacts along the way can keep on adding to having contacts.

        Recently as soon as I spot anyone on my Facebook Feeds that has no value or has interacted with me I just remove them.

        And yes I have to to in every day to eliminate invites to events etc.

        best regards,

  • I understand that without following this opt-out policy it would be impossible to reach the critical mass of users for this new service. I think it’s a very valuable asset into making social media have the same group separation we already have in our normal life (just to think, our work friends are not the same friends we hang out with at night perhaps, or we hang out with 2-3 different groups altogether).
    I admit though that this may cause several problems from people using the feature to spam and engage in malicious activities. How to find the right balance between good or bad anyway?

    • Gabriele

      This is why I like the concept of groups but at the same time it could be a breeding zone for spammers.

      I do not like the fact that we are not invited to join as this is creating headaches and some hurt feelings as people are put into groups and then have to them themselves remove themselves. We know that I continue to say that FB wants to move from a permission based platform to an open source. The more public the better for them which to that I say then create it and allow us to choose if we want our profile to stay permission based or not. There will be some that will love the idea to not have to accept friends but others that will rather shut down their page than be open.

      • They really are walking on thin ice. If I remember correctly, in the interview I read (and I wish I remembered where 🙁 ) Zuckerberg stated if they made things any differently people just wouldn’t have used Groups. So they opted for the messy way, mass opt-in. Not much ethic and maybe a bit arrogant on their side, it’s like saying “if you don’t like this way, just don’t use Facebook”.

  • Great tips. I need to check out those options as my inbox is filled with Facebook notifications these days. Really a headache to clear them.

    • Jasmine

      They are a godsend as my inbox is so much cleaner now and I am less frustrated and just a bit more accepting of groups.

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  • This is great, but I wish they would make a way for me to control the amount of emails I get from a particular group.  From what I can tell, the only option they give me is emails or no emails when I would rather receive a daily digest on two of my groups that are very active.  I still want to receive email notifications, but once a day rather than many times a day.