How to Semi-Customize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has added a new drag and drop feature allowing you to semi-customize your profile.  Recognizing that users interact on LinkedIn differently, the need to showcase detailed information beneath the main profile box became greater.  The blue profile box that serves as a snippet of your employment history, education, recommendations, connections and websites cannot be altered from its current location however the detailed information beneath can be customized.

The categories that can be moved are Summary, Experience, Education, Recommended By, Additional Information, Applications and Contact Settings. They have handles that you click on and drag organize your profile to suit your needs.  To rearrange your sections, simply click on your profile, edit profile, the handle and drag and drop to where you wish it to appear.


Also, there are applications to download to further highlight your skills through your blog via WordPress or presentations via slide share. 



The changes are reflected immediately and can be changed at anytime should your needs change. These are just a few changes that are expected to be rolled out this year with LinkedIn. 

Is this useful?  How will you change your profile?

  • Quite useful, thanks. I moved my Word Press blog viewer app to a more prominent place. I'm trying to gather more readers to my architectural blog, “Building Content”.

  • Collier

    I like this new drag and drop. The blue box almost becomes more important as that snippet as the information contained there now flows into the information that you want to showcase. I love the wordpress app. I am going over to check out the blog!

  • Jan Kasal

    Thanks to reading your blog I always am aware of new LinkedIn changes. This is the 2nd time already. Good job. I've got a reason to go there and see what is in it for me.

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