How to Upload & Share Videos on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the oldest of the big three social media networking sites at a ripe age of 7, has slowly plugged along in the social sphere with adding new features to increase user experience for not only highly active users but for those that are new or newer to the personal business connecting platform experience. I refer to LinkedIn as a personal business connecting platform as believe it has molded itself into such. It has grown with the users and but yet has remained as a platform whereby anyone new can create a profile easily without having to play catch up and incorporate every app that is available just to be able have a presence.

As more and more people are looking for business opportunities, whether that be employment, clients/customers to grow the business or seeking advice from trusted sources, they are turning to the web to reach out to connect with people to find some guidance. LinkedIn, as a business connecting platform has become that guidance resource by continually updating at a pace that is acceptable to users and their time spent on LinkedIn.  In May, they announced that they would be joining the ranks and users would be able to add and share videos. While this is welcomed addition, it does not seem to be as widely used so I wanted to reintroduce and provide some ideas on how to maximize the use of videos on LinkedIn.

How to Upload and Share Videos on LinkedIn

1. Create your video and upload to SlideShare either via your SlidesShare Account or directly from the LinkedIn app.

2. Once you hit upload, it will give a “converting” status. This takes a few minutes to convert.

3. The video is ready to upload to LinkedIn and will not appear until you “Manage Your Presentations” on LinkedIn for SlideShare.

Adding Videos to LinkedIn via SlideShare4. Click “Manage Your Presentations”, click on your video and to the right will appear a menu of sorts. Click “Show On Profile” LinkedIn Video menu of sorts

5. Once you click “Show on Profile” a “confirm” message will appear for you to confirm and then the video will be uploaded to your profile. LinkedIn Video to confirm

The video will be posted on both SlideShare and also LinkedIn. Change your mind, you can easily delete the video from your SlideShare account.

What Types of Videos Do I Upload?

Videos have become the next best thing. Vlogging, tutorials, ad campaigns, etc. it is almost endless. Video is advancing however so many of us are ignoring this. I admit, I have not created a Vlog in over 6 months (vanity tends to take over here). People like to feel connected to people as if they know you by seeing and hearing you. We see it all the time where people gain respect, notoriety and become industry leaders by how much of them they put out there. This is not to say that people who do not create videos are not successful, but we know that the ones that do, are able to relate better to their audience as the audience feels that connection to them. Their voice, body language, smile, enthusiasm and even their quirks.

1.Video Introduction. Introducing yourself as a business person and defining your purpose on LinkedIn. If you are a consultant, explain what you do, if you are someone looking to grow your business or even just for connections tell them by emphasizing your LinkedIn Summary. Let people get to know you and feel that connection to you.

2. Video Resume. Employers are looking for someone that stands out and will fit into their corporate culture (of course from those that are qualified). A video that is well done will set you apart from the rest. As a personal business connecting platform, people are connecting with people at places that are hiring. Your LinkedIn profile is being viewed as well as your online activity. Why not give them something to look at and remember?

3. Tutorial. Creating video tutorials are wonderful. I refer to them constantly when they are available. If I see it, then I can apply it as sometimes the written does not always work so well.

4. Webinar. We see slides from a webinar uploaded as a presentation but many times the audio is missing and we are unable to follow what the webinar was really about. This takes time but will be worth it to the audience.

5. Video Sharing Others. Sharing videos of others that you have viewed and learned from with your connections shows your commitment to the betterment of the industry,  I believe. This is of course if the video is available for sharing.

These are a few ideas that you can consider when thinking about your LinkedIn profile and your connections. It is creating a community within your connections to see Who is your Charlotte and grow within that community. The community is there for you to connect with and build your network so that when someone asks for a referral, you are ready, willing and able to provide one.

What have your results been with videos on LinkedIn? Not yet delved into this? Keep me posted when you do as I am eager to see and also hear about your experience.

  • Hi Suzanne, can I upload videos to LinkedIn from YouTube rather than Slideshare?

  • Ivan

    Not as far as I am aware. It has to be through slideshare. YouTube allows direct posting to FB, Twitter, your Reader, Buzz and Orkut.

    I did research and uploaded a vid (which I since deleted) to go through the entire process and I was looking for a direct from youtube and did not find one. When the app first allowed vids to LI, you did have to record, upload to Youtube and then get he embed but that is no longer the case. You can upload from your computer via browse.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Suzanne, I guess LI has some partnership agreement with SS thus the lack of YT options. No biggie! I'll double post to both sites. Thx

  • I really need start developing more video content; you provide a great explanation as to why video should be used to augment other forms of content. We’ve developed a few videos within the company, but I would like to take it further as we progress, especially now that Linkedin has adopted video.

    Concerning LInkedin, I just received a trial offer for advertising which we implemented yesterday and have already noticed good results from it. Not sure if you have received the offer, if so, you should give it a try. Initially I wasn’t planning on using the advertising credit as I wasn’t planning on advertising on Linkedin, but now after seeing the initial results I’m glad I did.

    • Suzanne Vara


      I had received the invite as well and it is still in my inbox I believe. I am glad to hear that it is working for you as I was very hesitant to take the plunge. I may now have to delve into this a bit deeper and see where this could fit into the marketing strategy.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Thanks for sharing. If I knew about the video option, I had forgotten about it and I would like to use it. This post helps reduce the learning curve. It’s also a great option for me to offer my clients.

    • Suzanne Vara


      It is a great option that should get used more often. Please want to get to know us and what better way than for them to hear and see us? I need to jump on this too and put the vanity aside. Grimaces.

  • David

    Great piece – nice to see LinkedIn getting on board with video. In the next 2-4 years there's no way job seekers will utilize the “traditional” resume. It will be an intelligent resume, complete with video, graphics, personality profile, links to social media and more. Check out where candidates can create a professional video resume and upload it to LinkedIn with ease. No question a professional video resume will make you stand out – please be careful though – you've got to do it right – professional and consistent. Make sure it isn't just a video – the traditional resume, personality profile and social media links are key!

  • David

    You added such a great point that I really overlooked when writing this.

    “Make sure it isn't just a video – the traditional resume, personality profile and social media links are key! ”

    The combination is key as with all the resumes that companies are receiving, they are having to sort out and find ones that they want to look into further. Having one is a step in the right direction but them all, is big steps.

    Thank you for adding this as it is very important that people do take the necessary steps to get noticed and hired (whether that be for employment, client, etc).

  • Ivan

    I am thinking the same thing as you can post a link to a vid on YouTube that takes you to their site but I am expecting that LI wants people to stay on their site to view. Being that you post to both, is probably what LI could come to agree upon with SS and I would venture to say that YT or others were not willing to not have people come to their site to view.

  • Suzanne,

    I did not know of this feature of uploading videos to LinkeIN I shared it with a few people and they are more than happy that this is an available feature. Although they asked the same questions as Ivan if their was another way. Returning to your reply I was able to answer back.

    I think if you are a good communicator and have good oral and presentation skills video is the way to go. As for people who are not good at speaking or talking to a camera maybe they should think twice before they take this avenue. It can really hurt them vs. help them.

    As soon as I buy the hardware and convince myself that I can create a Good Video I will take your advice. In the mean time I count on good video creators to create the content and I would be more than glad to share.