Is the Bing and Facebook Partnership The New Trusted Search?

Bing and Facebook PartnershipFacebook and Bing have come together to advance search though one of your most trusted voices – your friends. Your friends are the go to, the ones you call to ask advice and seek approval from. We do not always like what our friends like as that would be incredibly boring but the things we do have in common and like are what brings us together. Bing and Facebook have enhanced that by partnering to make it easier to see what your friends like with just a few strokes of the keys.

Internet Searching for Information

We search the internet for information. Whether that be for a new car, a product, reviews, ideas, recommendations, etc, we are searching with a purpose. We digest the information and then look to see who else is or has done some research on it. When we areĀ  looking to purchase we seek reviews or recommendations before we commit. Reading from people we do not know does not always give the warm and fuzzies. We want to make a decision that is the right one and almost always turn to people we know as we trust them. Facebook knows that we trust our friends and listen to them. Their entire platform is built upon friends. Connecting, communicating and sharing with friends as even if we have been out of contact for years, we still trust them more than we do a random person putting up a review.

Bing and Facebook – The New Trusted Search

The partnership with Bing an Facebook is more of a trusted search. They are showcasing what your friends like based upon matches to your search query. If you are searching for a restaurant, a movie, a product or a brand, if your friends have liked and linked, this will be a part of the search results to your query. They know we trust our friends and are more apt to click on a link that our friends have liked (and so do the hackers). Trust in search for a brand is a big deal. Brands optimize to be in the top 10 coveted results and try to find new ways to get consumers to focus on them and click their link. Being in the top 10 is a bit of trust for the consumer as if they are appearing on the front page, they must be good or at least warrant a look. Bing and Facebook are looking to bring more users to Bing by taking this trusted top 10 to the next level. If your friends like it, they know that you will be curious enough to click on it. Bing wins as more people are jumping over to them, Facebook wins as they are providing the data and the consumer wins by having a sense of trust through their friends likes showing up on the front page of a search engine.

Is Bing the New “We Try Harder”

When I first saw the announcement of this partnership I immediately though as a marketer of Bing trying to bridge the gap between Google and Bing. Whoa that is a bigger gap than the Grand Canyon. But is it? The old Avis campaign of We Try Harder comes to mind as they were so far behind Hertz but through this campaign, they did close the gap as much as they could. They recognized that they were second and second was not so bad after all. Bing is trying to switch people from Google and so far while they are making tiny steps, they are still making steps. The partnership with Facebook can be showing that they do try harder.

Bing and Facebook Search Limitations

The Bing/Facebook partnership is not met without limitations. In order for you or your friends’ results to appear is to have remained opted in to instant personalization. For those that have opted out of instant personalization, your likes will not appear. Will this drive people to change their settings out of curiosity? Facebook and Bing hope so. The only way that this will work and be a trusted search is if users who have opted out opt back in. Opting back in is giving permission. Facebook is still a permission based platform; despite trying very hard to be non-permission based.

Should Google be seeing footsteps? I do not think so as Bing’s search results have lacked. Yes could be more of a trusted result we have to wonder if someone liking something always equates to trust or an answer to a search query.

What do you think? Have you performed searches and seen what your friendsĀ  have liked?

photo credit: Mashable

  • Suzanne,

    I could see the potential for this Bing-Facebook partnership developing the next generation of search.

    They both need each other, one couldn’t exist without the other. For instance, Facebook’s search functionality doesn’t offer much besides “People Search” and “Web Results From Bing!”.

    However, put those together and develop a much more social algorithm and you truly have one of the best competitors to Google.

    Really, Bing and Facebook have nothing to lose as they begin forming the next level of search – social

    But, does this mean that Google will step in and offer Facebook a more lucractive financial offer to use Google instead of Bing? Perhaps, but I think Facebook would rather partner with Microsoft first.

    • Josh

      Google is going to unveil GoogleMe at some point which is to be a competitor to facebook. I am curious but apprehensive to even say competitor to facebook. It is a giant right now and this partnership with Bing I think is an answer to GoogleMe. It is a wait and see but I do not see where Bing could get close to Google and I do not see where Google can get close to Facebook.

      I agree that they had nothing to lose. It is a good idea however you have to match searches to what people like and they have to be opted in to instant personalization. A lot to ask for. yeah I think people will check to see but to really use it for search, I do not think so. For referrals for restaurants and stuff like that, yes.

      Thanks for droppin’ on by – always a pleasure to have you here.

      • Suzanne,I don’t view GoogleMe as a serious competitor to Facebook. I mean, Facebook has the social networking world to themselves and Google, well, they have search and advertising to themselves.As Google tries to branch out and take back some of Facebook’s core fan base, I think they might trip over themselves in the process. I mean, just take a look at how they’ve done social so far (Wave and Buzz, perfect examples!)Google needs to make the power move to take out Facebook, but I don’t think they will be able to do it.I believe Microsoft has seen this potentially happening and have decided to take a stance alongside Facebook.

  • Is this a good idea? Yes.
    Will this bridge the gap between Google and Bing? Not so sure.
    After all we’re not talking about *just* a search engine, in Google’s case, but a full-fledged set of web applications people are too used to to justify a mass-switch to Bing. Additionally, I am not sure Google will sit idle watching this happening without taking a word on it. They got some crazy awesome engineers there and I wouldn’t be surprised if they managed to pull out a way to integrate a search through friends Likes even without an explicit partnership. Imagine just linking your Google account through Facebook connect and Google indexing services crawling through your friends’ walls and updates to search just for what you want.
    Dunno, just speculating there, but with Google I learnt to expect the unexpectable.

    • Gabriele

      We know that Google will be doing something. GoogleMe is probably the answer. I can see where this may be useful for some on Bing but I do not see it as becoming a hit that they would like. Bing’s results are just not up to par and with that, people will stay with Google. I can see heavy FB users seeing what is being shared by their friends but that is more recreational use and not for a hard information needing search.


  • I’m not a fan of this idea, mostly because I like to find new things and inject that newness into my network. Not saying it wouldn’t be useful, but if I always went to my friends, that would quickly become boring. Also, my friends aren’t experts in most things, and I’m still one of the fast shrinking minority that goes to “trusted sources” not “friendly ones.” Does this mean it wont succeed? No. Does it mean I probably wont be using it. Yes. Still, I like Bing more than Google, so I wish them luck!

    • Kate

      I just do not see Bing as a leader in search results. If I am searching for somet4hing that my friends may have liked, then great they like it. I am not sure that it will bring me to a point to want to use Bing. Sure for referrals on restaurants but then again I would probably be meeting up with friends so we would talk about it. It just seems like the next step to open up facebook.