Is This Anything?



is this anythingHow many times have we asked that question? For some it is when throwing an idea off of a friend or colleague or for bloggers, each and every article that comes to mind. We all look for that break out moment where we create a product, strategy or blogging rhythm where we are catapulted into instant success. All of our hard work has paid off and we have landed. Our product is recommended, our clients cannot stop bragging about the work we have done for them and competitors have taken notice and have to work with us or where our articles are retweeted in drones. It is that moment when our community lets everyone know that they are on board with us and playing a pivotal role of supporting us. This is HUGE as we know how hard it is to get someone to admit they are your friend and have your back unconditionally and when someone promotes you by not only buying your product but letting everyone they know that they did so by endorsing it, by linking to your articles and/or creating a post about you. That endorsement tells you, this is something.

Having Something

We all have things which are something to us. This something is scalable as different things are something to each of us. For some, launching a new product, a website, a new car, a new purse, etc. Everything is something to us individually and when it becomes a collective something, we feel that acceptance that we yearn for. We want to come out on top as success drives us to do more and be better. The attention can be overwhelming as you start to thank everyone and accept really what is happening. You launched with the mindset and plan that it would be a success but when it starts to sink in that it really is and the overwhelming response starts to pour in, it can be a bit scary. Everyone needs to be thanked, spoken to and you start to feel that you need to be cloned. Suddenly this something becomes everything and consumes all your time. This by no means is a bad thing however, we know that we only have so many hours and those hours are already consumed. We have to make time as if we start to not pay attention to the community, they start to look at us cross-eyed. The something has become a pressure cooker that starts to make us love what we have created but make other things suck more and more by the minute.

The Great Escape

When we are in the spotlight we are so grateful but yet start to feel that it takes over us. We hear time and time again where people need a much needed break. The pace that we have to keep creeps up on us as we cannot sleep as there is so much to do. In product launches, there are orders to fill, customer service, accounts receivable, accounts payable, family, friends, social friends, interviews, speaking engagements … the list goes on and on. The success is what we worked so hard for yet we look back to the days where we were asking is this anything? The days of where we thought we had nothin’ look so inviting as despite working so hard to have something, we want that part of life back. It is not easy as the success was what we expected when we launched but, everything that goes with it starts to feel like facing a black bear. Fear. However, the black bear is smarter than we are. We fear the black bear as it is bigger than us and it stops at nothing to get its food. Kind of sounds like the critics where they will just be relentless and have to question us. Do they have anything? Most of the time no but it gives them the power when we are so vulnerable.

Anything is Always Something and Something is Vulnerability

Our anything is always something. When we have an idea and we create a post it becomes something. An idea that is in our head and we ask people about it, it becomes something. Even if it is something that will not materialize, it is still something as we talked it through. When we take those thoughts out of our head, we become vulnerable. We are at the mercy of those that are listening. We are afraid to admit it as what if it is that good and someone steals it or what if it is that bad that they laugh and tell everyone that we are an idiot? We struggle with exposing our ideas in our head and sometimes it feels like a hockey match where we are checked up against the boards but if a punch is not thrown then we know that we should talk about it. We are vulnerable when we are unsure and let the insecurities take over. We feel some sort of shame if it does not become our best post, not a launch that is widely recognized or an idea that people are jumping on board to tell us that it is the greatest ever. Shame leads to fear that we are not good enough and this fear suppresses our thoughts and creativity. This, we call, writers’ block, time off to work on reinventing ourselves or something of the like.

Yes, to answer the question, it is more than anything, it is something. It is a part of you that you are sharing and giving to everyone and anyone that is listening; regardless of how big or small that audience is.

photo credit: kamshots