Is Vanity Killing Your Blog?

killing blogA blog is a an open space for you to write about your industry, company, thoughts, ideas, interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes – just about anything and everything is blogged.  The blogosphere is becoming saturated with blogs and the competition is steep to be recognized and stand out above the rest. Providing value and offering readers something that is unique is what sets bloggers apart. On any given day there are hundreds of blogs that get started and those that fail. The commitment to blogging is high when we first start and the commitment is renewed with success.  With success comes pressure. Pressure to have the perfect blog everyday to drive the most traffic, to get the most tweets, diggs, stumbles, subscribers (breathe) is killing your blog. As readership increases, the inner need and desire to push for more increases. Achievement, sense of belonging, individual success and competition are a part of us.  We learn these traits at a young age as as children we seek the approval of our parents and competition comes with belonging from our peers or siblings.  As success is measured individually, we cannot escape our own vanity.

When we think of vanity/being vain,  the first thoughts are about personal appearance or Carly Simon). What is not always associated with vanity is the excessive pride in qualities, abilities and achievements.  This excessive pride is a catalyst for writers’ block.  Writers block is a common topic as the words do not magically appear on screen and while there is always something to write about, always, we still see bloggers struggling with getting a post up (of course there are other factors why a post is missed).  The key here is to stop looking and focusing on the numbers and  get something down to stay in the groove. Write that you have writers’ block and why you are experiencing this. Others who are feeling the same will relate and let you know you are not alone.  Consistent, fresh and content that is well thought out and presented in value driven manner will bring the readers (maybe not on your timeline but they will come) Missing posts leads to lack of focus and inconsistency in posting which not only disappoints readers but it also is a failure to yourself.

The key to a successful blog is determining where you can add value and offer something that is so incredibly different that readers come back and also share with others.  This of course includes the design of the blog, headlines and the content as without these factors meeting the needs of readers, they will not return.  Developing your blog personality as well as the blog persona is the the first steps in developing  your blog strategy.  Who is your blog?  What does it stand for? What is your commitment to yourself and to readers?

Is vanity killing your blog?

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  • Suzanne – I love this post because of two great observations you made: (1) Obsessing and focusing to much “on the numbers” and (2) Remembering that good things take time because well-written and valuable content will drive readers to our blogs “on their timeline – not yours.”

    For me, these are so true! Thank you for reminding me why I started blogging in the first place — to learn first-hand how to create, promote, optimize, and measure online content (and why this learning process requires long term commitment and resolve).

  • Tony

    Exactly – the learning process takes time and while learning and sharing you are building a listening platform where you can not only engage with people but also find new blogs to read to spike your creativity. The more popular you become as a blogger the more time restraints you have so while everyone wants to have a million readers day one, it is time to really learn and give to the blogging community your thoughts by writing your blog, commenting on others and more of others and even more on others and also sharing the articles on the sharing sites. That will help increase readership and also give you a gazillion ideas to write on,

    thanks for stopping in and taking the time to comment.

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