LinkedIn Adds Creative Portfolio Display App

LinkedIn creative portfolio display app LinkedIn has added a new feature for creatives to display their portfolio’s on their profile. Previously, you could create a SlideShare which was limited in its capabilities as it is a presentation tool. LinkedIn has created Creative Portfolio Display, a new app powered by Behance Network. The Creative Portfolio Display LinkedIn app sets to empower creatives by displaying their work not only on their LinkedIn profiles but also to the Behance Network partner sites.

LinkedIn Creative Portfolio Display

As a member of LinkedIn, users can create their portfolio on the Behance Network and install the LinkedIn app to display on their profile. The Behance Network, the world’s leading platform for creative professionals is a free service with unlimited uploads.

Creative Portfolio Features

1. Project Editor. The project editor assists users with adding text, video and audio to their portfolio.

2. Frame View. The frame view is a neat feature as users can send a link via email to clients, potential clients or as freelancers to potential agencies that is ad free.

3. Customize Profile.  Users can customize their profile with an image, bio and contact information making it easy for visitors to lean more about them and reach out.

The Behance Network

The Behance Network has partnered with larger sites to stream your profile to a broader audience. They exposure to these larger sites and now the ability to display a portfolio as a part of a LinkedIn profile is definitely a boost for freelancers who are looking to utilize LinkedIn to grow their client base by showcasing their work.  In addition to housing the portfolios, Behance also has a job board to assists users in locating new projects.

The application created for LinkedIn does allow you to select which parts of the portfolio are displayed on your profile. This app is a great new addition to the enhancements that LinkedIn has made over the past few months. The interaction with the new groups as well as the ability to publish selected tweets to your status has changed the way that many use LinkedIn.

Will you seek out a designer by reviewing their portfolio?