LinkedIn Adds Products & Services to Company Pages

linkedin company profilesLinkedIn has added a new feature for companies to showcase their products and services on the LinkedIn company pages. Recently LinkedIn enhanced company profiles with the addition of the employee connections and careers tab but company pages were still a bit flat as there was not any type of interaction or any real means of recommending the company. LinkedIn has changed that with the new Products and Services tab.

LinkedIn New Company Products & Services Tab

The new products and services tab on the company pages provides a designated area for companies to focus in and showcase their products and services. Previously, they were crammed into the Overview tab which did not allow for an in-depth and detailed description of the offerings. The products and services tab is conveniently placed to the right of the overview and careers tab and is self explanatory and very easy to use.

LinkedIn products and services tab

LinkedIn Company Pages Recommendations

LinkedIn has also added the ability for customers/clients to recommend the products and services to others with the new tab. Recommendations have long been a part of LinkedIn profiles and taking them to company pages is a very useful feature, especially for the small business owners who are trying to compete with the larger companies. When someone recommends your products or services, the recommendation becomes visible to all of their connections. New visitors to the company page will be able to see the recommendations of others which we know is helpful for when someone is on the fence about hiring or is seeking referrals. As a company you can direct potential new clients to your LinkedIn company page and avoid the time and effort of compiling and sending references.

Promoting Products and Services on LinkedIn

LinkedIn also offers advertising of your products and services to fellow LinkedIn users, the LinkedIn Audience Network as well as the LinkedIn website. They allow for up to 15 versions so that you can test which one is performing best which definitely comes in handy should you wish to advertise.

The advancements to the company profiles are very much welcomed as they have been so flat and static. Each addition helps companies grow their presence on LinkedIn and also allows for users to have a resource for being able to find companies to meet their needs.

  • Ah I am glad I didn’t dream about it! I saw it the other day but I didn’t have time to tweak around with it straight away and then I totally forgot about it, as it often happens.
    I think it’s a pretty nice feature, the attention of LinkedIn is going more and more towards businesses more than people, not necessarily a bad thing but I am looking forward to seeing additions on the “personal” side as well.

    • Gabriele

      It is a good feature as company pages were just another means of having a page. Nothing to do with them and nothing really to show for. Now with this addition and the employees tie on from September they are a bit more functional. I see the small to mid size companies benefiting here as if you are consultant or a very small company, many people would recommend you personally and not necessarily as the company.

  • Hey Suzanne,

    You should contact Social Media Examiner and do a guest post for them. This stuff is really top notch.

    • Ivan

      You are so kind. I have really considered guest posting on high volume blogs but then always use the content here as this audience is what is most important to me. I have set a goal to try and get on a high volume blog by Jan. 1. We shall see as with the holidays coming, things get a bit busier than normal.

      • Yep, Xmas is going to be a bit crazy like you said.

        I’m trying to write stuff now and schedule it.. Fingers are falling off 🙂

        • Ivan

          You are better than I as I do try and get posts up and ready but then I tweak and tweak and well end up posting that day which never gets me ahead. That is what is going to have to change as craziness will be here soon and the posts need to be ready!

          • Hi Suzanne,

            I feel that people will forgive the occasional typo as long as the content is worth the read. I still get hammered by the Grammar Police – yes, they’re out there – for splitting infinitives and getting affect and effect mixed up 🙂

            Also, Google *rewards* sites that publish more frequently, which is why many top bloggers are now publishing twice per day…

          • I do set out to get ahead but then I have an article that I want to post to cash in on the google rewards of 2 a day. I should get a marketing article done and then a news story each day. Writes it down real but and sets it on the wall across from my eyes so that I have to see it every day, all day. I hope that this gets me to get ahead. I do not like being dark here and there.