LinkedIn Adds Student Profile Sections



LinkedIn new student profile sections

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Students and recent grads are facing one of the grimmest job markets in recent history. The competition is steep and while students were hard at work on their studies, their competition was working on their experience. Graduating college is a very exciting time until the barrage of questions of what are you going to do now start to flow in and you are stare blankly pondering this question. What am I going to do? Get a job I guess flies out of your mouth faster than you can shrug your shoulders. Suddenly you think about the job market and all those that are unemployed and you come to the realization that this may not be as easy as it sounds.

LinkedIn is here to help by focusing on students and recent grads experience in school. It makes a lot of sense as you were in school learning and participating in different clubs, organizations, activities and receiving some honors, achievements and of course, the grand daddy of em all – a diploma/certificate. That piece of paper and all that you did to earn it is worth a whole lot more than the paper it was printed on when you are looking for a job.

LinkedIn Adds Student Profile Sections

You may remember back in October 2010 where LinkedIn launched the new “sections” with the ability to add your skills, certifications, licenses, accreditations, etc to allow more flexibility to your  profile and how you customize. The new sections for students and recent grads builds upon this allowing for more of a robust summary. These new sections provide potential employers with an opportunity to access your academic career and see how that can apply to a career with their company. According to LinkedIn, these sections, which are all optional to add, are geared towards the employers to see how your academics can be shaped to fit a career in their company.

  • Projects: Participating in projects shows that you can apply classroom learning to real-world challenges and work effectively in a team. Add compelling research or class projects to your profile – especially those that demonstrate experience relevant to your professional goals.
  • Honors & Awards: Did you make the Dean’s List or earn a merit-based scholarship? Add it to your profile. While much of your profile is a subjective characterization of your abilities, Honors & Awards provide objective validation for your accomplishments.
  • Organizations: Participation in on-campus or external organizations shows your contributions outside the classroom. Leadership abilities, and making a positive impact within an organization, are talents widely sought by employers and recruiters.
  • Test Scores: Employers often view strong test scores as indicators of good  problem solving skills. If you have excelled at standardized tests, or have a stellar G.P.A., include these scores on your profile.
  • Courses: Do you consistently push the envelope by enrolling in rigorous coursework?  List select courses on your profile – especially those that qualify you for positions you are seeking, or demonstrate your commitment to expanding your academic horizons. Many employers know your school’s course catalogs as well as you do, so include the strongest courses of your college experience.

How to Add Student Oriented Sections To Your Profile

The sections are very easily added and are also a drag and drop so you can place them where they fit best on your profile. Being a student or a recent grad is pretty obvious so placing these student/recent grad sections high atop your profile is not taboo. For an employer that is looking to hire a recent grad, it is quite welcoming to have it front and center.

1. Go to Profile in the top menu bar.

2. At the drop down, click Edit Profile.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the “blue box” and at the right is Add Sections.

4. The sections are alphabetical so be sure to scroll down to see them all to match your needs.

It is that easy. Be sure to fill out the section as completely and comprehensively as you can as employers are looking for the right people to match their needs in an employee. An incomplete section sends the message that you could not be bothered with finishing it which could mean you are not always able to complete projects. Stretch – maybe, but remember, they are reading what you are telling them and do not know you nor will they get that deep into the woods in what you are trying to say.

LinkedIn is always creating new ways to get people connected and hired. Managing your LinkedIn profile through the enhancements, additions as well as the mentors through connections that are made provide the necessary tools for users, young and old, inexperienced and experienced to make strides to shine a spotlight upon themselves.


  • This is great, student bloggers can now start building their profile right now and stand to get big business deals and dream jobs when they are in college.