LinkedIn: Build Your Network with People You May Know Tool

LinkedIn taking advantage of the privacy issues that have swarmed Facebook, invites us to grow our network with the revamped People You May Know tool. According to Janet Ryu, Linked in created People You May Know as a means of “staying in touch with your current contacts and reconnecting with old or lost ones.”

Finding long lost college buddies, co-workers from from your first job that you lost touch with or even an old boss has never been easier with the new and improved People You May Know tool. LinkedIn has merged People You May Know with faceted search. Faceted Search filters profiles based on 8 facets: current company, past company, location, relationship, location, industry, school, and profile languages.

How to Use People You May Know Tool

1. People You May Know. Located to the right of your profile, click “See More” at the bottom.

2. Review Results. LinkedIn suggests people for you that you may know and posts how many shared connections you have, if any. Here you can invite to connect, review their profile or delete them from the search results.

3. Filter.  Filter your results to receive new suggested people to connect with. Check the boxes on the left for your preferences and perform the search.

As Facebook works out its privacy issues or maybe better said, we accept or not all the changes like the default opt-in instant personalization, LinkedIn is not so quietly revamping their tools to continue to connect people and grow networks.  LinkedIn over the past 7 years has pretty much kept to themselves and weathered the Facebook, FriendFeed and Twitter frenzies by continuously adding and upgrading their offerings and still remains the leader in business connections.  LinkedIn is proving that they are more than a tool that matches job seekers with employers – it is a platform to grow your network and afford you opportunities within your network.

Have you even connected with someone based off LinkedIn’s recommendation?