LinkedIn Introduces LinkedIn Skills

LinkedIn SkillsLinkedIn has introduced yet another tool to their arsenal of upgrades and launches to increase user experience and continue to make LinkedIn a viable resource for growing a business and also helping the unemployed to match the skill set of potential employers. The new LinkedIn Skills, while in beta, promises to focus in on your skills and the skills needed to attract hiring managers, seekers of your business skills and also to keep a watchful eye on your competitors.

LinkedIn Skills

LinkedIn Skills is a means of adding a skill set to your profile in your areas of expertise to help users build an enhanced profile that matches searches while at the same time introduces users to the top people, companies and also jobs that are seeking a specific skill set. LinkedIn has compiled a list of skills that they have found to be not only ones that match the leaders but are also industry terms that some may overlook.

How does LinkedIn Skills Work

LinkedIn Skills is really a great tool. It focuses in on what you think the seekers want to hear vs what they are really searching for. We always want to get ahead and be noticed and this tool gives us that research that we have been looking for.

Maximizing Skills to build a community

When you search skills, the results are industry leaders, companies and job matches that match your query. The search query has to match the preset LinkedIn set of industry keywords which tend to be broad but yet focused. The results are not much of a surprise as it relates to your industry as you pretty much know who leads but there are some that are unknown to you. The jobs that are featured are extremely useful to job seekers as is the groups that are also contained in the results. It is almost an all inclusive as to what you need to have and maintain a presence on LinkedIn. So far it does not pull polls or questions to answer but we know that will be coming at some point. The opportunity to build your community from spending some time on LinkedIn skills is worth it. You can find new contacts, new opportunities and see where your profile is under-performing.

Where is LinkedIn Skills

LinkedIn Skills is located under the “More” on your profile or by visiting LinkedIn Skills via this link. I recommend spending some time there as I found it to be very enlightening as well full of opportunity to expand into other areas that promote growth.(my apologies for not having a screen shot of the drop down, technology fail)

Have you had a chance to visit LinkedIn Skills and see new opportunity to reach out to grow your portfolio or business?

  • Info

    I added my skills but havent’ had any further job action (that I know of). Can you find out who has been looking for your skills?

    • you can set up a search for jobs with your keywords and do a match that way. It is the only way that I know of.

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  • Referralsucks

    Most people go to LinkedIn, join and then get lost in a networks of zombies: everybody can recommend anybody ; you get invitation requests from people you never know; and  then you find your that these connections are just listed and confused as you are – why the heck  are they  on LinkedIn.

  • Piaras MacDonnell

    Although I see value in the  Skills section in LinkedIn, it’s impact at the moment is limited.
    * It is not listed in the Search drop down
    * It is not a selection criteria in Advanced Search
    * It has no impact on your ranking when you search by a skill

    I expect this will change over time but for now the only major benefit I have noted is that allows you to appear in peoples stream with an interesting update.