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photo credit: Mario Sundar

Another hackday and yet another useful tool from LinkedIn. Sudeep Yegnashankaran, a software engineer on the LinkedIn Mobile team had his hackday and has launched TextIn. Mobile devices are not just for talking. They are our means of staying in contact with the outside world while we are away from the laptop or desktop. Their functionality continues to advance and these advancements have begged us to ask for more from our platforms. LinkedIn has given us a simple way to search and connect with new contacts all via text message.

LinkedIn TextIn

LinkedIn TextIn provides users the ability to search and also receive profile results all via a text message.  You get started by providing your number to LinkedIn and then authorizing and allowing access to the app. Once you authorize the app, you can via a text, search for someone on LinkedIn. The results will come as a text message back.

LinkedIn TextIn

Simply texting #search (name) with LinkedIn you can receive the information.

LinkedIn text

LinkedIn TextIn Commands

The LinkedIn TextIn is not just limited search. According to the LinkedIn blog, the following commands are also available via TextIn:

  • Invite: Invite someone to connect on LinkedIn
  • Search: Find anyone across LinkedIn’s 100M+ members
  • Profile: Lookup a LinkedIn profile
  • Update: Post an update to your LinkedIn connections

As someone  who texts very frequently and has mastered the texting while walking and even half asleep, this is a great new feature. It is very convenient as we can quickly text, receive the text back and then connect with someone without keeping our noses in our phones.

photo credits: LinkedIn Blog

  • I have a very conflictual relationship with text messages, actually I use my iPhone 99% for the data than for the phone service, which is odd I admit. Sure if you don’t have a smartphone with the LinkedIn app texting like this is useful, otherwise, I’d choose the app any time.

    • Gabriele

      I am a mad texter. I sometimes have 2 or 3 text conversations going at once so for someone like me, the ability to receive this all in text is very useful. I am slow to the take on apps as I just wait until I am back at the laptop and mostly use the Iphone for talking or texting.

  • Tom Martin

    Totally cool. Thanks for sharing. I just tried it and have to say…. most impressive.

    • Tom

      It is really one of the best things that LI has launched in a while. It speaks directly to people on the go at seminars, speakers – events in general. It is so easy to use and removes the hassle of going to the app to search. The other thing I really like about it, is that it shows how advanced we are but yet not using it all. A simple text message that connects people. So simple but yet we never got there until today.