• Suzanne,

    Great idea for a post. You think of the coolest things….


    • JL

      I talk about LI a lot and when I see something new that I like, I write about it. Some see it as news, I see it as things I learn about and will spend time with.

      Happy day to you in Cleveland.

  • I have to “disagree” with you when you say it’s a big change. To me, it really is, I always found extremely disorienting how settings were spat around too many places, and every attempt at streamlining this part of the user experience is more than welcome.
    You can really notice how LinkedIn plan to gain an even wider user base is going on strong and steady.

  • Sandyglazer

    Isn’t the way linkedin is handling the premium program near criminal? They withhold information from their users in order to force the user to pay their fees. Need to check with my lawyer on this one.