LinkedIn – The New Inbox

Productivity. Ease. Connectivity. The new LinkedIn inbox is promising to deliver. LinkedIn has began to roll out the revamped the inbox with improved functionality to manage your messages directly from  your inbox. Previoulsy, the inbox on LinkedIn was quite a jumbled mess at times with new invitations, requests for you to reach out to connect, inquiries and the sales pitch immediately after you connect. While LinkedIn cannot cure the sales pitches, they have separated the invitations from the emails. This has so far proven to really be productive, easy and efficient as if you are just looking to accept (or not) invites, you simply click on that tab or if you are wanting to reply back to someone, it a simple click of the reply button.

LinkedIn Inbox Enhancements

The new inbox is designed with the user in mind as it addresses the key components of how we manage our inbox and also remain connected. The newly added features set the stage to be able to use the email component in a time efficient way. We are always looking to save time and the inbox enhancements definitely allow for users to read, connect and also engage easily.

1. Invites and Messages. The invitations and messages each have their own tab. This provides for a quick scan of what messages you have received or if you are just looking to see who is trying to connect.  This is a great addition as the inbox did get a bit crowded with emails and invites.

2. Inbox Response. Take action on your messages or invites directly from your inbox.  This is similar to the previous inbox however there are quick tabs to be able to reply, respond or delete contained within the message preview so that you do  not have to go into  the message to have to take action.

3. Bulk Actions. Delete or archive messages in bulk. This inbox enhancement is probably the best of them all.  Simple click of the box and in bulk all the messages disapear. Gone are the days of deleting or achiving each message one by one.

4. Inbox filtering. This compliments the bulk action as once you categorize the items in your inbox (flag, archive, recommendations, etc) you can search for them with the filter tab.

5. Inbox Sorting. There are emails that we archive or keep in the inbox to refer back to.  Sometimes trying to find them is a challenge within itself but with the sorting tab, you can search for mail by date, name or subject.

LinkedIn continues to take steps in the right direction to promote interaction and engagement without ever leaving their site. This new inbox does help with time management as the bulk deletion or archiving is just what users were asking for.
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  • THX, Suzanne, I noticed the change but hadn't thought about it. Now I'm going to have to go back and study the changes you've described. Great job.
    LinkedIn really is the Social Media Place-to-Be — to be found and to engage.

  • I agree that LinkedIn is moving in the right direction with these updates. It seems for some time the site was stagnant and lagging behind the other major social media sites in terms of usability/functionality updates, but is finally starting to come into its own. I find your description of these changes useful and I do not usually notice the subtle, yet important changes on these sites myself.

  • Shari

    I jumped over to LI the other night and my inbox was the regular way and then like 10 min later I went back and it was changed. I logged out and went back in and it was changed to the new way. Design wise it is not my favorite however it is much more functional. Separating the invites from the regular emails is very useful as I was almost missing timely messages with new invites coming in.

    I really like the bulk action. They save a lot of time!

  • John

    I notice little things a lot. I am the person that if I leave something on the counter in the morning and for some reason it is moved or feel on the floor I notice. As I said above, I do not like the design of the changes but the functionality is great. I write a lot about the changes on LI as I think with each one they are taking a step in the right direction despite sometimes looking like FB or twitter. LI has been around the longest and I think is one of their struggles but also being the “I need a job, let me go to LI” – that is a component but not a driving force anymore to use it. It is real people talking business. If they went to a more forum like I think they would do much better.

    Thanks so much for dropping in.