LinkedIn – Time to Loosen Up?

LinkedIn, Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn is considered one of the leaders in building business connections and relationships however, it is limited on with whom we can connect. The explosion of Twitter, Facebook and live chats that allow you to connect easily, is LinkedIn lagging with restrictions to connect?

Twitter – follow someone and they have the option to follow back, ignore or block.

Facebook – personal pages allow you to ask someone to “be my friend” and with business pages you are encouraged to be a fan.

FriendFeed – Easy as subscribe to a feed.

LinkedIn – a bit more of a challenge to connect. You have to be associated with the person in some capacity; whether that be a friend, colleage, done business with, part of a group, etc.

As social media evolves and we are able to connect on other applications should LinkedIn loosen up and allow people to ask to connect without an affiliation?

Is it time to bring LinkedIn to the next level? Since we have to provide an email, should they expose it? Are we that wide open?

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photo credit: Mario Sundar