MailChimp Brings Facebook Like to Email

The Facebook “Like” button has changed the way that we are able to comment and interact. Simply click “Like” and move on to the next update, blog, web page. Now enter MailChimp who as a part of their upgrade to MailChimp 5.2 has added a new merge tag that integrates the Facebook Like button into email campaigns. 

Facebook Like by the Numbers

The usage stats for the “Like” button are amazing. According to Nick O’Neill at All Facebook, The Unofficial Facebook Resource, it is estimated that the like button is clicked by 65 MILLION users each day. This is astounding however not too much of a shock considering the like button exceeds any other interaction. So much for actually typing a message to someone.

MailChimp Like Integration  

MailChimp version 5.2 is launching next week. The popularity of the Like button cannot be denied and seems to be a good fit for email to see how many not only read, interact and actually will go so far as clicking the like.

When a subscriber clicks the Like button from the email, the campaign is posted to their wall for their friends to see and like. MailChimp will track the likes in customers’ social stats.

MailChimp Social Stats Dashboard Tracking:

1. Total number of likes

2. Who liked

3. Number of referrals from those who liked

We can already see a contest of sorts for the most referrals. Nothing like a little incentive to like and post to your wall.

MailChimp Facebook Like to Email Video 


What do you think? Does Facebook Like belong in email? Are advertisers getting some free real estate on our walls?

  • Suzanne,

    Although MailChimp may not be the most popular email marketing tool, it's certainly now setting a precedent for others to follow.

    Before this development, the only way others would have known about this email was through a forwarding of that email. By integrating directly into a powerful social network, the reach becomes that much broader (and more social!)

  • Josh

    it is a good move for them as they are not the biggest player however they have taken on the popularity of the Like button and left folks with a decision. Use them or not have the like button until their email company integrates it. Some may ignore the button and feel that they can wait for their company – which will be the case for many but for the others who build a strategy with email marketing that includes facebook, they will convert over. This also will entice those who are not currently emailing and will push them right over to mailchimp

    As always thanks for dropping in. Great to have ya here.

  • Suzanne,

    I would say that the selling point of an email marketing company is how reliable and effective their email delivery is. If emails get put into the spam folder a company has the potential to lose a lot of revenue.

    Has MailChimp established that trustworthy brand just yet? I don't know that is has. I would rather use AWeber or ConstantContact because I feel they are brands I can trust.

  • Josh

    I am not so sure that they have either but they seem to be making strides which does strides turn around a reputation? Sometimes it does. The competition is steep in email marketing as I think that with every company we are giving up a little bit and settling. It comes down to what you are looking for and what you want to be able to get out of it.

  • True.