Not Paying Attention To The Details?



paying attention to detailsThe details, they matter. We see imperfections and point fingers when we expected more or see where it could be improved. Easy to do after the fact and we wonder how it was missed. The name, logo, packaging, price point are all attractions for us when we are looking to buy. Secondary which happens in almost an instant is how will this perform and where does it fit into my life and in my home? When we buy we expect it to exceed our expectations as just meeting is not really enticing enough to spend extra for the name brand vs the private label. However, those that pay attention to each and every detail have an edge, an edge that we do not consider each and every day.

Paying Attention to the Details

The details are the obvious that we cover and then the ones that are not so obvious and leave us staring blankly wondering how on earth we missed it. There is so much going on and changes that it is hard to keep up. As we are trying to stay on top of the new Twitter button, Google +1 should it not fail, finding our sizzle in each article we write, keeping up on connections, engaging and searching for growth. This is all so complicated that it starts to have us be all and on top of it all that we miss the details. The details that are noticed and make a difference. It only takes one time for someone to visit and leave for lack of paying attention to the details. The buttons will always be there as will all the latest and greatest shiny new tools but failing to hone in on all of our pages and interactions could cost us.

The Details That Matter

All of them. The look of the website, the location and content in the menu bar, the guiding readers through the pages and asking them what you want them to do, all matter. Each and every page has a purpose and the purpose gets lost in the shuffle. The updating of the pages, the extra space, the comma instead of a period, etc all matter as they serve as a stop gap for users. They stop, notice and they are not paying so much attention to your content as they were as they stop and focus on the error and then trying to get them back on board to focus on the content and not what you missed is not easy.

How We Differentiate With Details

Differentiating is how we are visited before anyone else. We become the 1st choice. In blogging this is what makes us stand out as why we really do this. We cannot deny that we want to be a leader as this turns into relationships, relationships that lead to clients, referrals, speaking engagements, book deals and income. With all the blogs out there it is very tough competition to get noticed, let alone be a first choice. In advertising, commercials and sales pages are carefully crafted to differentiate and get noticed. Pointing out even the smallest of differentiators draws attention to the point where they are not thinking of anything else but that differentiator that we have pointed out. It builds credibility and loyalty.

Zyrtec in one of their spots points out that Allegra cannot be taken with fruit juice, namely orange juice. Is this something that we ever even thought of? Taking medicine with fruit juice has adverse affects? How many times have we taken meds with juice? Hasn’t it been ingrained in us that medications are taken with water? This simple differentiation caused alarm and changed our thinking. It is simple differentiators that we can point out that have people question and trust.

What Details Are You Missing?

Did you miss that extra space that needs to be removed, the call to action, the additional subscribe on other pages than the blog itself or a call to action that is not directing them as to what you want them to do? If you have, you are not alone. We learn new things and have to consider if they are going to help us attain our goals and increase our customer share. Will that new button be a differentiator with adding it or by not adding it? Are all your pages in tip top shape and offering your readers and visitors an experience that is to be remembered? These details matter more than we think about each day. We visit so many sites and update our social profiles as without ever really realizing that we are doing it or what purpose it is serving other than staying in contact.

Unsure what you are missing? That is ok as we are here to help. We offer comprehensive site reviews so that you can concentrate on making the first impression that leads to success. We are accepting a limited number of new clients for site reviews so don’t hesitate, contact us today and turn your website into a  high performing site.

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  • Suzanne I think this is my favorite post to date.

    Taking care of the details is why Apple is growing in a shrinking PC industry. It is why the iPad represents 19 of every 20 tablets sold.

    I don’t think people realize that the little details make up our intuition about things. When choosing between multiple options the company who has gone the extra step and taken care of the little things usually wins. When all the minute details are right you are now competing on benefits instead of features.

    • Bob

      You are too kind. I totally agree with you. With each iphone that is release, already working to release iphone5 (even though the dust is barely settling in on the 4) there are changes that are consumer driven. To increase experience for the user, brings in loyalty, want, need, etc.

      The launch of Google+ has been met with a lot of chatter. There are some features that are far better than FB however will it lure us away from FB? When ew talk about us, we have to think about the social community but also the regular users who go onto FB to stay in touch with people. Will they just see G+ as a copycat to FB and no need to start over with finding and adding people? In the social community will this be highly regarded as we can create circles that are for the fellow social people with whom we like to keep up with their articles, happenings, etc but are not so eager to share our weekend plans and photos of our kids? Maybe this is a personal preference here as I am seeing G+ as a professional platform where I can engage with folks in the SM community but keep my FB for very close friends and family.

      The details that G+ has with Hangout may just push us to have a professional job seekers/consultant business driving platform with LI, a personal place with FB, a professional communicating with G+ and a keep in touch quickly in 140 characters with Twitter. Could just be!

      • My take on G+

        What makes Facebook special and successful is that it is revolves around reinforcing real offline relationships. The deep integration FB has built into the way it’s users communicate with each other gives it an edge that will be hard to surpass.
        I am not sure if G+ can really compete with twitter as being the place for 2nd tier relationships.