Old Spice Pulls the Plug on Internet Sensation Old Spice Man

The “ink” was barely dry on my Old Spice Campaign – Could This Be The Best Internet Campaign Ever? article when I received a tweet that told the story. You see, Old Spice has ended the internet campaign as we know it with personal videos from Isaiah Mustafa.

Well friends, like all great things this too must end.

Wow!  A campaign of this nature lasting 2.5 days? Really? Not sure what to really think of it as it comes on the heels of the request for the $100,000 donation from Alyssa Milano (of course this video was filmed prior to her request) but will it bring the Old Spice Man back? As a brand can Old Spice and Proctor & Gamble ignore this type of request and the rest of the consumers who were just starting to fall in love with Old Spice?

Is this really goodbye Old Spice Man or will we get an encore?

What does this do to their brand image? Do we all walk away wondering what they could have done more or do we just take this and use it as an example to grow with? I guess if this is the end then it will not be the best internet campaign ever and paves the way for someone else.  Well, at least Isaiah has a new career ahead of him with NBC.

  • What a shame!! I'll bet there's an interesting inside story to this turn of events for sure!! Great blog!

  • This is when we'll see if the folks at P&G and Wieden & Kennedy really know what they're doing…You don't kill a great story because you want to regroup over the weekend. It's the age we're living it – You Need to Keep the Fans Fed

  • Lori

    I am not sure if they had it planned only to run a few days or if it got so incredibly popular that they could not keep up the pace. Now, we know that W + K's team was given a lot of liberty and freedom to crank these vids out fast but that also means overhead. Overhead of the studio to film, camera crew, edits, props, team to review the questions and the team to write the scripts. It is not too big of a deal but yet is man power and billables.

    I am sure he will be back at some point as if not, they would not be addressing the challenge from Alyssa Milano and also from the hysterical post from @Ohdoctah. Now, someone should jump like crazy on that guy.

  • Stanford

    I wonder. Regrouping over the weekend. Nah, because they had to have this so completely laid out on how they were going to do this. The vid is pretty final. Just would be a bad move if they did not come out and address the challenges. This could backfire on them real fast. Bet they did not see it coming and now do have to regroup to handle the backlash of going quiet.

  • No kidding!! I just used their free Voicemail greeting recorder and put it on my phone! LOL! http://oldspicevoicemail.com/

  • Lori

    thanks for posting the link- I tried to go there yesterday but the traffic to it was too much.

  • TheBlizzrdGroup

    Isn't it great living in America? I love it!

  • EOElliott

    It was never meant to be anything but a wild & crazy 2-day response to tweets, email, blog comments, etc. that were received since this all began.


  • for sure but the best part about it is the guy who came up with the campaign is from the UK. Interesting. It was awesome but went quiet too fast. They had an aggressive schedule doing these vids and that is not easy but to go completely quiet on all facets is just weird. The campaign was so hot but yet they cut it off entirely. Engaging more even with out vids would have been a better strategy.

  • Elliott

    I do not see where it was meant to be 2 days. There would be no reason to do it that way as why not continue to engage with the public. Maybe we will hear more from them but right now they are strangely quiet.

  • Liz

    What's the reason for pulling this great campaign? I can't imagine.

  • Liz

    I am now hearing that they only intended for this to be 2 days. They had to know that it was going to be as sensational as it was so why not hold some vids and have them run for a few more days? I understand that the agency was the voice behind the tweets and the FB page but only 2 days? I would have extended it if that was the case but I guess they are sticking with original strategy? Why only have a campaign for 2 days? Will 2 days change the minds of the younger crowd and they will go and buy old spice? Not so sure about that.

    Popped in over at your blog and great article on the personal branding. Love the reminders of the spokespeople.

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