Patrón Puts You Into the Summer Cocktail Mix

bottles of patronPatrón, the upscale tequila of choice for the most luxurious of palates, is redefining the way that we cool off this summer. While they were lending their hand to help raise money for the Gulf residents affected by the oil spill they tipped their glasses to you to join their team of drink mixologists and celebrate the long sunny days of summer.

Patrón’s Art of the Drink Summer Series

Summer, a time to gather with friends and enjoy the abundant sunshine on the beach or at home while the sweet smell of the barbeque fills the air and the nice cool drinks seem to bring on a chill with each piece of ice that touches our lips. Laughter fills the air as we recall old times and wonder where the years have gone. Yup, the lazy days of summer … are now put on hold as we are being sent back to “school” to create the perfect summer drinks.  Patrón’s Art of the Drink Summer Series kicked off on June 15th with the Patrón Margarita Deconstructed, the first of  3 which includes “Patrón Green Market” drinks and “The Patrón Salt Concierge.”

“Because the different expressions within the Patrón portfolio are all carefully crafted, they allow for a tremendous range of flavor profiles in drinks, making cocktail possibilities endless,”  – Jennifer Long, Brand Director for Patrón Spirits.

Patrón Margarita Deconstructed

Margarita’s and summer seem to go hand in hand and this summer is no different. The Patrón Margarita Deconstructed pays homage to your margarita, the one that you have perfected and now can share with 500 million others on the Patrón Cocktail Lab, a virtual Facebook app. While your margarita may have been born late on a Friday night while sitting by the fire telling ghost stories, Patrón is seeking inspiration from the perfect margarita recipe, three versions from top mixologists and of course your flair. Top mixologists will be on hand to answer your questions, provide commentary and their thoughts on each submitted margarita. The margarita that receives the most “likes” on Facebook will be crowned an official Patrón Margarita and be featured on Patró Unable to conjure enough votes, that’s ok as and top participants earn entry into some exclusive Patron events. Hurry though the Patrón Margarita Deconstructed ends July 31, 2010.

Patrón Cocktail Lab, Virtual Facebook App

Patróns’ Socially Engaged

Patrón in created the Patrón Cocktail Lab virtual app (which of course is only open to folks 21 years of age or older) combines not only the love for margaritas but also a means to engage and interact with fans. They know that the “perfect” margarita has been created on millions of decks, porches and kitchens and are here to celebrate those efforts. Engaging in social media for a big brand has definitely been the talk of the town lately with the ever-so-popular Old Spice Campaign (which despite being short-lived, was still an incredible campaign).

Remaining competitive in today’s marketplace is about creating a strategy that hits your target market and gives them reason to talk to you and respond to you. Old Spice did just that where Domino’s Pizza Photo Contest  is lacking in the engagement. Patrón has created that opportunity by challenging us to make the perfect margarita, one that will become a part of their margarita family. They are not only asking us showoff our bartending skills but also our palates to be a part of their celebration of summer. Embracing the love of the summer margarita and paying attention to pop-culture by enlisting the help of the Facebook Like button for a means of voting brings this contest full circle.

Thoughts? Has Patrón embraced social media and successfully engaged their target or is this summer series just asking us to drink more?

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Top photo credit: Jenn Lee; Middle photo credit: Mashable