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finding a job with social mediaI am a strong believer in starting anew and opening new doors. That cycle of life stands before me now as I open a new chapter of life and dive head first into my Marketing Case Study: Finding A Job. Not just a job, a job where I can be a part of a team, where my leadership and experience adds value to the team and where I can make a difference and produce results.

The Best Fit

The best fit for me is a VP/Director level role in consumer centric marketing. My strengths are researching and developing a target market and building a community around the brand. I have created and implemented successful marketing plans and campaigns that focus on the customer by learning how they interact with the brand, their experience from the first interaction to the completion of the sale (or decision not to buy), the social status that is associated with being connected to the brand, how the brand makes them feel as well as the convenience of the brand (ie location, additional offerings, for online, website design/ease of use, etc).

I have a wealth of experience in loyalty programs through my work with The Silverton, Cache Creek Casino & Resort as well as Cherokee Casinos. While casino players clubs and loyalty programs tend to be on larger scale due to the means of earning (actuals in slots and theoreticals in table games), the segmentation for the tiers as well as the campaigns for improved customer conversion/retention, improved customer satisfaction/decreased attrition and to increase new customer acquisition are consumer oriented and are essential and effective across many industries.

I also have experience in restaurants, real estate, finance/banking and retail. I have a love of sports but also a love for food and fashion. These are my comfort zones however I am open to exploring new areas that I can delve into should it be a good fit.

Marketing as a term is very broad but yet specialized. I have lived and breathed advertising and marketing for over a decade. I have closely watched how marketing has grown from purely traditional advertising to creating a web presence with a website which led us into the digital age and social media marketing. As a marketer, it has been sensational to be a part of the expansion of marketing. The core values of branding and targeting buyers, loyalists and ambassadors remain. I have built online communities and created a presence through establishing proper listening channels to gauge the strength or weakness of the brand.

Who Should Hire Me?

A company that is in search of a VP/Director for their marketing department that is looking to add an energetic and passionate team oriented leader with a proven track record to build upon and expand the current brand and marketing strategy or start fresh. I have a very strong work ethic and an eagerness to learn your brand, your customers behavior/activity and explore new areas of growth initiatives. I enjoy the balance between traditional advertising and social media marketing and thrive in this environment. I am located in Northern New Jersey and am available to commute to Bergen, Essex, Morris, Passaic and Union counties. I am open to discussion for a position outside of these areas, including NYC, that is virtual and/or only requires on premises 1-2 days a week.

My experience and education are part of the equation as to what I will bring to a company. My reputation amongst my peers provides insight into who I am as a person.

chris brogan endorsement

tom martin endorsementmargie clayman endorsementjason falls endorsement

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How Can You Help?

If you have a VP/Director position available you can review my resume and contact me directly either via telephone or email. If you are an employee of a company and believe that the hiring manager would be interested, please pass along this link. You can help immensely by sharing this with your community on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Together we can show the strength of the social media community and make Project Social: Finding a Job a success and I then can pay it forward.

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  • Good luck in your search Suzanne, I’m gonna share this to all my contacts, you never know.

    • thank you so much as we do not know who knows who and how this can get spread around. Hell, if it did not take me 2 yrs to get out LV, I would be like hey, anyone in Italy need someone like me? Someday

  • Suzzane, with your resume and recommendations, I think you will be hired in no time. Good luck!

    • thank you. I am very hopeful but yet confident that I will find the job that I can fit into. I am truly blessed with the SM Community and the support they have given to me. I so admire them and yet they had the kindest words for me. So humbling but yet I know their words will make the difference.

  • Goodluck Suzzane with finding a job. I enjoy reading your blog and I believe you will be a great asset to any company! 

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