SLLRE of Social Media

social media ROISocial media, unlike traditional marketing efforts of print, radio and TV, is a two-way communication and interaction with numerous people.  It is like being at 5 cocktail parties at once as you are able to speak to your target market directly by providing them with the information they can use and share.

What really what is SLLRE of social media?

1. Stop

2. Look

3. Listen

4. Respond

5. Engage

Social Media is the buzz and while it is inviting to jump in, it is important to not crash the party. Think of it this way, would you walk into a crowded room and announce yourself and expect respect?  When engrossing yourself into social media, stop and plan out how you will approach, look and listen in to other social media applications and see where you fit in, then it is time to respond and engage. We know content is king for your blog and/or website but also for the content/comments you leave for others.

How have you adopted social media personally or for a company? Do you SLLRE?

Photo credit Intersection Consulting