Small Business Branding: 3 Elements of Personal and Business Brand

elements of personal brandingAs a small business owner is can be a struggle to determine which brand will be best to promote – personal or business.  When you interact with people whether online or in person, at first glance they associate you with your name or your business.  Do we want them to remember our name or our business? Probably both almost as one word.  Growing up I was 1 name, my first and last name combined together – suevara. Friends would call up and say “Is suevara there?”  As I got older I became Suzanne so the 1 name was gone. Did my personal brand die or evolve?

Social media allows both a personal and business brand to be created.  LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook are applications that showcase personal brands with parts where you tell what you do. Whereas twitter, facebook fan pages, blogs and signatures on comments on blogs can showcase your business with parts that are personal.

Elements of a Personal Brand and a Business Brand

1. Be Who You Are.  Your personality will always show through. Interacting with customers, finding out what they like and dislike will let them know who you are personally and as a business owner.

2. Be Valuable.  As a business this appears to be easier but when establishing relationships it is personal.  People develop a loyalty with a business brand, but a relationship with a personal brand.

3. Be Around.  Be online and in person. People like to interact whether it be online or in person.  It is sort of that reach out and touch where they get a connection and through that connection, they can trust.

Do you agree?  Does your personal brand become your business brand?

photo credit: vincent tweeuwen

  • I agree with your 3 elements-especially the 1st element. People can perceive whether a person is putting on airs or not. So for a business owner, it's particularly important to be themselves and let their personality shine.
    Posted @ Friday, August 14, 2009 8:51 AM by Alicia M.

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