Small Business Branding: 4 Main Visitors to Your Website

visitors to blogThe goal of search engine optimization is to increase traffic by obtaining higher search rankings to be placed above competitors. This is achieved by having content that is worthy and is more relevant than the competition.  This is the basis of search engine optimization but as you are researching keywords and writing content, it is important to think of your customers.  Who are they, what terms are they searching and where are they in the buying process?

Customer research starts with developing a persona of who you are trying to sell to.  Start by researching what consumers are looking for in your product or service.  Go to where they are on the web and read blogs, forums and then ask questions.  Once you have created this persona, determine what you want them to believe about you. This is the beginning steps in developing your small business branding. For example: Volvo=safety, Lysol=kills germs.  Create the content around this persona by being cognizant of where they are in the buying process. This will help to understand who will be visiting your site.

4 Main Visitors to Your Site:

1. Stumblers. New visitors who found your site either on accident or through another site/blog.

2. Researchers. They are pretty low in the buying process and are gaining information before they pull the trigger and buy.

3. Buyers. They have already done their research and now are ready to buy. They are choosing you as they feel you are the most trustworthy and are the best source to solve their problem.

4. Surfers. Just looking, checking you out with no real interest in buying.

Each of these 4 categories of visitors needs to be thought about when developing content. Consumers purchase from merchants that they feel they can trust and are credible and worthy of purchasing from.  Ultimately the goal of a website is to attract visitors and convert them into customers. A site that gets 700 new visitors but only 2 customers is doing a great job of promoting the site and achieving a high page rank but there is something that customers are not trusting about the company.

What does your buyer persona look like?  Need some more information on creating the persona and content? Drop us a line, we are here to help.

photo credit: Yandle