Small Business Branding: 5 Benefits of LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn rankingsPromoting a small business is certainly not easy as staying on top of the trends, determining where to list the business on the local directories, where to promote the blog – it can be overwhelming. The ultimate goal is to be found to gain awareness and build relationships.  Creating a company page on LinkedIn supports the company brand as well as your personal brand. For a small business there is the struggle with the promotion of the personal brand vs the company brand and determining how they come together.  LinkedIn helps to solve that problem by having company pages.

LinkedIn company pages do not only help to improve search engine rankings they also allow for more information about the company that is not necessarily afforded on a personal page.  Company pages have been widely used by potential employees to find information about the company however as a small business with less than 5 employees there are benefits that sometimes get overlooked.

5 Benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page

1. Awareness. Users seeking to find a company within their geographic area will be able to find your company and have an opportunity to see who has worked there, how long as well as an overview about the company.

2. Company Information.  The company page is about the company and not about the you or employees.

3. Improve Search Engine Optimization.  LinkedIn company pages can help to get your company on page 1 of the search engines.  Be careful not to have too many local directory listings as this could push your own SEO efforts to page 2 or3 but also LinkedIn.

4.  Blog Promotion. Link your blog RSS to your company profile on LinkedIn.  Also be sure post to your LinkedIn groups.

5. Company Branding. Create your company page with pertinent, relevant and good content about your company and include your logo to promote visual recognition of the company.

Creating a company page on LinkedIn is just another way to promote your company as well as your personal brand. Once creating a company page LinkedIn pulls the employees that have listed the company as an employer and provides a link to those pages.

Any additional benefits missed here? How has your company page helped you?

photo credit: Mario Sundar