Small Business Marketing: 12 Ideas for Blog Topics

blog tipsBloggers alike all face the same proverbial wall, what do I blog about?  What do I say, what will readers enjoy?  Those just starting out and developing their niche are trying to generate readership and more importantly return readers. There is that emotional high that one gets when an article is shared and traffic is up but with that comes some pressure to continue to provide valuable information that keeps readers engaged and coming back. Blogging is industry specific and determining where you fit in within your industry may take time.  However, there are some core topics that work for each industry that with the right content and solve writers’ block.

12 Ideas for Blog Topics

1. Lists.  Lists tend to perform well as readers know what the article is about and can skim to determine the value to them.

2. How to …  How to blogs set to solve a problem by explaining the steps to take to achieve a goal. These are the DIY with enough information to get you started.

3. Tips.  Writing about tips evokes trust. The blogger is in a sense sharing techniques and insight into what they have tried and proven to be successful.

4. Breaking News. These articles tend to be short due to the immediacy but create an urgency to read so readers are in the know.

5. Trends. What is popular that you can give insight into. Trends are short lived but lets readers know you on the cutting edge of what is going on in your industry.

6. Reviews. Sharing a positive or at times a negative experience that leaves readers with an opinion that they may or may not adopt creates an impact to persuade or dissuade.

7.  Interviews. Interview someone within the industry to provide ask and answer questions or who can provide a different thought provoking view.

8. Answering Questions. With knowledge brings questions. Reading other blogs or working with clients creates more questions. Create a blog entry that provides answers to these questions.

9. Thoughts. We all have a million of thoughts going on and sharing thoughts on something within your industry or tying it into an interest personalizes you.

10. Experiences. Sharing experiences of a product or service should not be confused with a review.  An experience speaks to the emotions involved where a review discusses the attributes.

11. Caveat to Other Blogs.  Bloggers read other blogs and showcasing an article within your industry or niche and adding a new thought or different point of view builds trust that you are active within your industry community but also provides a chance to recognize another blogger.

12. Company News/Press Releases. Taking a press release and turn it into an blog shares news about the company: A new product launch, an expansion of services or location.

These blog topics are a tool to help with writers’ block.  The key is to find your niche within one of these topics while at the same time be creative and try something new.

Not sure where you fit in? Let us help to determine your niche or create an article.

photo credit: Foxtongue