Small Business Marketing: 12 Ways to Utilize Twitter

using twitterTwitter, the 140 character phenomenon that has adults speaking in acronyms, URLs shortened and roughly 6 million unique visitors has connected thousands upon thousands of people in different ways. Users of Twitter engage in conversations about various topics – people that never would have connected if it were not for Twitter. The Twitter language of hashtags, @username has become so popular that Facebook has incorporate the @username into messages.  How many times in an email have you hit return to send it or referred to someone with their Twitter name? I know I have!

I get asked a lot if anyone really doing anything besides Tweeting with friends about interests?  Are businesses really able to get new customers/clients.  ABSOLUTELY!  So, how do businesses use Twitter?

Small Business Marketing – 12 Ways to Utilize Twitter

1. Share Information.  If you are just getting started and checking things out, a great way to get involved in the community is to re-tweet articles, comments breaking news, etc.

2. Build Relationships.  Inbound marketing brings us back t the handshake days, the days when we got to know someone before we tried to sell them. Find people with common interests and ask questions, talk with them.

3. Build Brand.  This is both personal and business brand as there is a person behind every business. Let people know you exist and how you can provide value.

4. Customer Service.  We see this time and time again where someone tweets a problem and the problem is handled as they are monitoring their mentions.  Takes the aggravation out of the automated telephone call: Press 1 for X, etc.

5. News.  Breaking news tweets are so popular as we all like to be in the know but do not necessarily have the time to check out news websites all day. Twitter is so instant that within minutes stories are shared – many times before the news crews are able to get on scene.

6. Inform Customers.  Have a new product?  Sale on merchandise or daily specials?  Tweet your followers to keep them informed.

7. Get Recommendations.  Twitter is all about connecting with people.  Connect and ask if they can provide a recommendation for something or someone you need.  This saves time and many times the hassle of going in blind.

8. Referrals for Employees. Again reach out to your community for some referrals.  The best part is that generally people will not refer someone unless they have gotten to know them.

9. Find New Customers/Clients.  People ask questions and for referrals. Be there to be able to get the referral.  Be personable, solve problems and provide value.

10.  Monitor Brand.  Again both personal and business. Create a search for what people are saying about you as well as the industry.  A wealth of information can be found with a simple search.  Be sure to be responsive. People would love to hear from you.

11. Promote Blog.  Have a new blog?  Post it on Twitter.  You want people to read it and posting to Twitter will allow for re-tweets.  Follow the people who have retweeted you and be sure to thank them. A simple thanks goes a long way.

12. Have Fun.  Yes. Twitter is about building relationships, sharing and being a part of the social media community.  It is still work however work that allows you to communicate with hundreds or thousands.

There are many ways to use Twitter for business.  People who are still on the fence and equate tweeting to not working are missing the opportunity to connect with new customers/clients and a community that wants to get to know them.

On Twitter?  Connect with me @suzannevara and share your thoughts, interests, great blog you have found.  Let’s get to know each other and share what works for you.

photo credit: sridgway