Small Business Marketing: 5 Benefits of Social Media

Today now more than ever with the extensive press coverage, social media is where it is at.  There are so many applications: social media networking sites, blogs, etc. that failing to take part is a missed opportunity. This does not mean to abandon all traditional media as customers still need to find you and also know that it is business as usual.  Social media is another form of marketing to further spread the word about your product or service.benefits of social media

In a previous post titled 4 Tips for Getting Started with Social Media, I discussed the first steps in jumping on in.  If you have just started, or are still on the fence, here are some reasons to get motivated.

5 Benefits of Social Media

1. Increases Awareness.  Local traditional marketing is limited where social media is endless.  The exposure to millions of people is at your fingertips.  Just remember to not shove your product or service down people’s throats.  Add value and be subtle.

2. Better Communication. This works in 2 ways. First by engaging people you learn to communicate better and by comunicating, you obtain valuable information about customers and how they interact with your product or service.

3. Builds Relationships. You can talk to so many people by making it about them and not you nor you product or service.  You don’t walk into your local grocery store and approach every person in the store and try and sell them so why do it here?  Be their friend, learn about them and what their needs are.

4. Evokes Trust.  By being where they hang out, you build relationships which in turn evokes trust and loyalty. People love to be made to feel important and feel that they can speak freely to you about your product or service.

5. Increases Sales. This is a culmination of all of the above. Unless you violate the social media rules of trying to sell first or your product or service does not perform to expectations, you will increase sales. This can take time so also be patient.

Ultimately with social media you must add value. No matter which form you choose to become involved with.  Commenting on blogs, creating and maintaining your own blog, answering questions, etc.  By getting involved in social media, you are opening doors to further your business and making new friends.  What other way besides face to face interaction can you find out firsthand what people are saying about you/company/product or service?

photo credit: annie.oeldorfhirsch