Small Business Marketing: 5 Hats Small Business Owners Wear

5 hats businesss owners wearAs a small business owner you wear a lot of “hats.”  Some by choice and some by necessity.  As you develop your business plan, advertising and marketing strategy it become clear that there will be many hats worn and being pulled in many directions.  In working with small businesses they express the same challenges that all small business owners face.

5 Hats of the Small Business Owner

1. The Face. You own the business and people want to hear from you and reach out and touch.

2. Bookkeeper/Accountant.  Generally a small business owner handles the day to day accounts receivable and payable.  You have our system all set up, invoices are pristine and when customers pay on time and you can pay on payables on time this hat is easy to wear.  Calling on past due when you have a relationship with customers can be difficult.

3. Reciptionist/Executive Secretary.  You become your  own gatekeeper.  The relentless sales, “you need to advertise with us” calls.

4. The Networker.  The old “see and be seen.” You need to be out there to be remembered.

5. Social Media Friend. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger, etc.  Reaching out and being around. Once again, building relationships is tough but necessary.

As a small business owner is about finding time. These hats will never go away. Growth will bring on new employees that will ease time but bigger brings in a whole new set of hats.

What hats do you wear? How do you juggle the time and still wear all the hats?

photo credit: divemasterking2000