Small Business Marketing: 5 Rules of Great Content

good copyMy previous post regarding content discussed the 4 Characteristics of Good Content and I wanted to continue on as content is so important.  These rules are more may seem pretty elementary however time after time I see websites that tend to ignore these.

The old adage, “Rules are Made to Be Broken” does not apply when it comes to great content. While you can push the envelope a bit it there is a fine line to keep in mind.  The style of content for  inbound marketing sites does vary as when you are writing for a website or a blog you are creating content that is informative, educational and reactive.  You want people to be engaged to either purchase or comment.  When commenting on blogs or in forums it is more of a subtle engagement where you are sharing your knowledge and building relationships. However, the rules will apply to all.

5 Rules of Great Content

1. Logical. Research and determine what industry terms are but use your common sense. It may make sense to you but it can lose potential customers who do not understand what your product is in simple terms and how it will add value to their lives.

2. Be Clear. This ties into logical but as we try and keep in mind keywords we are trying to target it can be come paragraphs that get off course. If you advertise for small businesses, stay on track with that and not a massage is great stress reliever.

3. Spelling & Grammar. This has to be the biggest pet peeve for readers. You are reading along and there is a spelling error or an improper verb tense.  Imagene you readeng and there are erors.  {spelling  and grammer errors were done on purpose to show that the focus is on them and not on the content}.

4. Length. This goes both ways. Too short and too long. A very long post can be overburdensome whereas a short post might have them asking for more. There is a balance here to get in what is pertinent and once it gets too long you lose the reader.

5. Inspire/Influence. The content is written to inspire and influence them to take the next step. Whether that be to buy, comment or come back for more information.

Writing great content sets you apart from your competitors and is gets you noticed.  Not sure if your content is working?

photo credit jenniferdelano.