Small Business Marketing: Longetivity = Trust?

It was a typical summer day yesterday in Las Vegas. I ran out to grab a diet pepsi 44oz fountain drink from 7-11 for lunch and when I was pulling out I noticed that the DHL van had some new graphics.  It now says Established 1969 and also countries that it delivers in (the one I saw had Germany).  It got me thinking does being in business for a long time make people trust you more?  What about being international?

There are a lot of thoughts that come to mind here.  Let’s look at an advertising agency.  An advertising agency that has been in business for 25 years probably is trusted and viewed as one of the leaders. But if that agency does not adopt new strategies, let’s say social media, can we still trust them?  In that instance would we hire a social media agency who has been in business for 6 months?

In some industries longetivity is an important factor in trust. Target.  If Target never existed until today would we shop there?  The Target brand, which is now Up and Up, would not exist as who would buy that brand knowing nothing about the company and its reputation.

Where do we cross the line and decide to trust? What factors do we consider?  Trust is built from reputation.  Reputation is built from performance. Good and consistent performance is built over time.  How do we measure time as it relates to performance.  1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 10 years?

Are there certain areas or industries where longetivity is a negative?

One more thought: What about moms.  Would you trust  your 4 month old with someone who has grown kids and has not had an infant around in 15 years or would you feel more comfortable leaving your infant with another mom who has a 1 year old?

Who do you trust? What makes you trust them?  How are you building trust in your industry.

photo credit: didbygraham