Small Business SEO: 6 Ways to Get Found Online

get found online Getting found online is a driving force of social media marketing. Ultimately you have to have results of people visiting your site or profiles to build relationships to turn them into customers.

Your social media marketing strategy needs to consider: When is best to add the new content? When do the search engines crawl your site?  Will the audience be receptive? Are you on the right platform?

6 Ways to Get Found Online

1. Research. Determine when the search engines are crawling your site and update website content before the site is searched.

2. Review Site Stats. Your own site stats will provide you with a wealth of information as to what terms were searched to actually get to your site.  Compare these to your keywords to see if you are matching keywords to searched terms.

3. Blog. Blogs are what is setting competitors apart.  We see it time and time again where a company that is blogging regularly is ranking higher that their competitors who are not. The more blog articles, the more new and relevant content and the more chances to receive inbound links.

4. Create New Profiles. Put yourself out there where your targeted audience is and where your interests are. Meeting new people is the fun part of social media marketing.

5. Help People.  Helping someone expecting nothing in return goes a long way. When you lend a hand, people talk. Think of when a well respected person on twitter sends heartfelt thanks to someone, we check out their profile to see what is so great about them.

6. Monitor. Monitor the conversations about you, leaders in your industry to stay on top of what is going on.

These are ways are not the ones that generally would come to mind when thinking about getting found. What differentiates you is thinking of ways to get found that are not the traditional ways.

What have you done to get found online?