Starting 2011

starting 2011Starting 2011 … so many hopes and dreams. We set resolutions, goals, look at a new beginning. A beginning that we feel, smell, taste but that beginning is still reflective of the past. The newness of a new year inspires us, it begs us to do more, it talks to us but how much does it resonate? Is there something inside us that magically clicks when the clock strikes 12 that will change us? For some, they become parents, others start a new life through an engagement, a marriage, some lose someone close to them, some will see light at the end of the tunnel, and others see it as just another day. Change happens every single day. We see it most in children physically but yet in adults emotionally in their eyes, their face, their smile.

How to Walk Away from a Decade

A decade. 10 long  years. While for some it seems like a very long time, others it feels shorter and flew by. There is a lot to think about over a period of 10 years. Professionally, we were thriving, we saw no end to the lifestyle we were living. Jobs were plentiful, bigger was better. That was the beginning of the decade. The end tells a very different story. However the evolution of how we got here, here as marketers, here as tweeters, here as people that have helped to tear down communication barriers, while creating new ones (updates, comments, photo tagging cannot really replace Ma Bell) is quite an incredible story. I know that the past two years have certainly not been what I had planned.

Ending 2010

We end 2010 with heavy hearts. We look back at what we have done and what we have not done. Some saw great success where others were wanting to bury their failures hoping no one paid much attention. There were accomplishments that tend to be overlooked by the failures or overshadowed by the incredible success. Walking away from 2010 has made us think. Some never want it to end, others are chomping at the bit where, others like me, are torn. Ending 2010 ended the chapter, created finality. The end is here, ready or not. What have you done? What have you accomplished? What do you want to do? The bigger question is who are you telling so that they can help make it happen? If they do not know, they cannot be a part of the success.

The Year that Was 2010

2010 was the year that was. It was never what I ever could have imagined. I met some of the most inspiring, smart and wonderful people. I accomplished things that were not necessarily on my radar. I blog to help, I engage to learn, I smile with a hope of a smile back … pretty simple. I asked questions, I answered questions, I met people, I followed up with people, I talked with people, I helped people in any way I could. I just did what came natural to me. That natural evolved into some pretty extraordinary accomplishments.

My 2010 Accomplishments

In 2010 personally, I had quite a few challenges, restrictions, sadness and an overabundance of crap. Quite frankly it sucked. The professional accomplishments were all the more special as while I was crumbling in one aspect of life, I was thriving in another.

1. I met and befriended one of the nicest, caring, devoted people who is best seen all over Twitter and Facebook. @MargieClayman.

2. I met and grew a blog community enabling me to share their successes and be their biggest fan. These gentlemen are some of the most loyal, thought provoking and fantastic group of guys. @rj_c (Raul Colon), @jwsokol (Jason Sokol) @maidoesimple (Gabriele Maidecchi), @IvanWalsh and @rinforsideweb (Daniel Wambugu).

3. I shared the excitement of Mardi Gras via LiveStream by my fav @TomMartin.  I also helped to welcome him into business ownership and was able to mention him in at least 5 blog posts (and the very first one of 2011!!).

4. At BlogWorld 2010, I fell victim to the falls via (@JasonFalls), I met a whole lot of people at Jason’s party but … well the frozen slushie drinks seem to have given me some brain freeze. Ahem. The highlights from the the conference were meeting and spending time with: @DJWaldow, @LisaBarone, @MikeStenger and @Franchise King (Joel Libava).

5. I rebranded Kherize5.

6. I welcomed 3 guest bloggers who wrote some of the most useful and successful articles on Kherize5.

7. I guest blogged on 6 different blogs including 3 where I was a regular guest blogger.

8. I learned how I was viewed, perceived and the power of the relationships I built. On August 18, 2010 I was just as stunned as many when I clicked on and saw the headline: You Need a Suzanne Vara. I was completely overwhelmed. With each word I read, the tears seemed to flow faster and I knew that I accomplished something really big. Yes, there was the exposure but more than that, for me, I was able to see exactly what Chris thought of me and what he wanted all of his readers to know about me. Still so amazing.

9. I helped my son learn how to ride a bike, read, write, tie his shoes and tweet (he looked over my shoulder and learned this himself). So personally it was not all bad, hmh.

10. I am still waiting on two things that were started in 2010 so …

I accomplished this due to all of you. Every reader, every comment, every retweet, each and every person that pops their head over to say Hi and give a wave on Twitter, retweets of articles I retweet. I am grateful for all of you as you inspire me and make me your biggest fan. I could not accomplish any of this alone. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope you can stick around as what I have in store for 2011 is going to be pretty incredible.

What did you accomplish in 2010? How is 2011 shaping up for you?

photo credit: pbkwee

  • I had the biggest smile reading this as you summarized some of your hi-lights from 2010. Congratulations to you Suzanne and cheers (a virtual toast) to a very great year ahead!

    • Ricardo

      Thank you. It was quite a year for me professionally. I am so grateful for it all as writing this it brought all the excitement back.

      I really appreciate you reading and commenting. Means a lot.

      What is on your horizon in 2011?

      • Kicking off the new year in a big way! Lots of content creation on the horizon for myself and the company blog.

        I’ve taken Chris’ approach and the three words I’ve chosen to guide me in the new year are: Create. Manage. Focus.

        Cheers Suzanne! Keep rockin’ in 2011 🙂

  • Suzanne,

    Thanks for the shout-outage!

    I’m so glad that you recognized me at Jason’s funfest in Vegas. Now we are permanently bonded.

    Kick some butt this year, willya!


    • Joel

      I can only kick butt if you do too. Yes we are now permanently bonded and I have my eye on you mister.

      So great to have you come on over here, read and comment. Makes a difference. =-)

  • Suzanne,

    The Mardi Gras experiment couldn’t have happened without folks like you that are willing to find and point others to new and different experiences/knowledge on the net. And in that league, you are truly a one of a kind. I have been so very fortunate to find/get to know you over the last year… thanks for your continued support and friendship.

    Here’s to a kick ass 2011.


    • Tom

      What I loved and will continue to love about the Mardi Gras livestream was that it was so innovative, so fresh, so new. Watching you with the iphone the year prior, I was captivated (and also thinking is this the same guy that I love his columns in AdAge?) as I saw so much of who you were and the love you have for the industry and also NOLA. My experience with Mardi Gras was a bit different (Pat O’Brien’s hurricanes thank you very much, ahem) and you showed the real meaning of Mardi Gras that first year and livestreaming it was giving us so much more. I am still thinking the coolest invention is the ladders with the seats on them for kids (so cool) and while I wanted to badly to be there and on the ground and support you, I was able to live vicariously through you.

      Cannot wait for 2011 Mardi Gras livestream and 2012, well, I will be right by your side.

  • Ahh, I am just seeing this now. Thank you so much for that kind mention, my friend.

    I saw you grow and evolve in 2010, not just in business terms but as my friend. I can’t wait to see what 2011 holds for you. You know I’m your biggest fan. Thank you for welcoming me into your community!!

    • Margie

      I am anxious and ready. I am eager and also nervous. 2010 was big and to grow and evolve into more is exciting, rewarding but yet unknown. It should be an amazing ride that you are coming along with me on. Before long, the bus tour will be in full swing.

      So being my biggest fan, does that meant that you will join the movement and go green? You already had our coach and we have swapped players so … just makes sense for you.

      Keep on doing what you have been doing as we appreciate and enjoy you greatly.

      • Oh, I can’t leave my putrid Browns!!

        Actually, one could argue that you should follow the orange & brown. Everyone else from Jersey is doing it 🙂