LinkedIn Creates Connection Timeline



Linkedin hackday The developers at LinkedIn were at it again on Hackday and have created a new way to view your career path over time via your connections. Through your career you have certainly met some pretty memorable folks whom you may have lost touch with. The Connection Timeline is a good kickstart to go and see if they are an active member on LinkedIn and connect or if you are already connected to pop your head over and catch up.

LinkedIn Connection Timeline

The Connection Timeline is a roadmap of your career and those that you connected with at your various employers throughout the years. LinkedIn is always being compared to Facebook and Twitter and differentiating is what continues to provide value to their users. The connection timeline is no different as LinkedIn is based upon time. As a professional networking platform, it showcases your accomplishments and career; your online resume. The component of time makes LinkedIn three dimensional and puts a lot into perspective. We know that we are not always on top of viewing our profile and see it how others will. The connection timeline is a fun interactive graphic that really shows you what others can interpret when they look at your profile, your employment history and with whom you are connected. A lack of connections could have some meaning; or not. It could be as easy as they are just not on LinkedIn or you just never connected. Strange as we should connect with people we worked with first, right?

LinkedIn Connection Timeline

Connection Timeline Benefits

At first glance, it did not seem to really be beneficial other than remembering those that I had worked with. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Wow, have you sought out everyone that you have worked with and received recommendations? OH! If you are like me, that is a NO! Not everyone would provide a recommendation and let’s face it, some you would never want to (especially if  your relationship was less than stellar). I went through mine, I realized that it was pretty empty. I was a bit shocked by this to be honest as I know I have connected with previous colleagues but as my profile photo scrolled along, there was no denying that my connections are not with those that I had worked with prior to starting Kherize5 in 2006.  It should be noted that this was malfunctioning quite a bit as some of the photos were just on a free fall and floated by faster than Usain Bolt.

Go ahead, go and see yours and let us know what you find. Your LinkedIn Connection Timeline

*at the time of this writing, there have been some technical issues. It took a few tries and a switchover from Firefox to Chrome to finally display. Also some contacts were appearing for incorrectly in the timeline. A few kinks that I am sure will be worked out.

LinkedIn Matches Job Seekers with Employers

LinkedIn has added a new feature that matches applicants with prospective employers with Real-Time Profile Matches. Once a job is posted, this new beta feature returns a list of up to 24 possible candidates, displaying a snapshot of their profile in a business card style format along with a rating on a scale of 1-10.   This format allows for the employer/poster to review the candidates quickly and contact only those that they see as a good fit for their company.  Parker Barrile, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn says

“… we now hope to make it faster and easier both for users to find the right jobs and for hiring companies to find the right talent.”

As more and more people are faced with layoffs and are met with the exhausting task of searching for a job, preparing and sending in a resume is not enough to stand out from the crowd.  For every position available, there are numerous candidates that are applying, leaving employers inundated and overwhelmed. Manually reviewing resumes for viable candidates is very time consuming and in some cases, qualified candidates do get overlooked. Real-time Profile Matches puts an end to this by matching up to 24 qualified candidates immediately after a job is posted. The results, presented as business cards, gives employers a chance to see a quick snapshot of your name, photo, title, current employer and your location.  In addition, LinkedIn rates each candidate on a scale of 1-10 based upon how closely they match the position.

LinkedIn Real Time Profile Matches

While LinkedIn is mums the word on how what criteria is used to match the profiles with job postings, Barrile has indicated that it goes a level deeper than just keyword matching. He has suggested that users complete profile in entirety, be up to date and also keeping your network informed that you are seeking employment through updating your status regularly. As this technology is proprietary to LinkedIn, we may never know exactly what is used to match candidates with positions, so completing your profile and making the necessary changes to have your profile a step above the rest has never been so important.  Time and time again we see incomplete profiles, one sentence summaries, “my website” instead of a custom name – all mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn. Your profile on LinkedIn becomes your hub for your job search. Employers want to know to learn all that they can about a person before they bring them in for an interview. A simple Google search will tell them all that they want to know and then some.  Your LinkedIn profile being prominently displayed high atop in the search results drives them to your profile and away from other information.

From your profile headline down to your photo, all the information you put in your profile is of the ut most of importance, so putting your best foot forward will get you hired.  Your profile headline should be descriptive but also a solution. Instead of CEO of X Company, consider core keywords that are associated with your industry. For example if you have a blog, chief blogger at (blog name),  Broadcast Marketing Consultant. The headline is not limited to just one title –  you  can have as many as you like in 120 characters.  You this wisely so that employers get a good idea of what you have done when they receive your business card profile in the job search matches.  In addition, your summary should be  narrative description of where your experience lies, what types of positions you are looking for and how you are a step above the rest (those unique qualities that go further than organized, self starter, etc.).   Your profile does not end at what you have done as there is the other component of your profile that should be looked at – your connections! Have you connected with people you share a group with, people that are in your industry, old friends, new friends and their friends.

Remember, LinkedIn tags connections with the activity filter allowing  you to browse your connections by those who have expanded their network with new connections. Take advantage of all that you can when searching for a job and also do not forget, jump on over to American Express Open Forum,  a welcomed LinkedIn partner, sign in using your LinkedIn profile and start connecting there as well.

Currently Real-Time Profile Matches are free however this is for a limited time – so if you are thinking about getting ready to hire a new employee, take advantage of this free tool (of course posting the job is fee based) and let LinkedIn find your new hire.

Have you used this tool?  Have you found it to be beneficial?

photo credit: LinkedIn blog