Facebook’s New Look: A Jump to the Left, A Step to the Right.

Facebook designers have been hard at work making some minor yet noticeable changes that have been rolled out to select users. While there has been no official word from the Facebook camp, the changes are starting to make some noise.  They appear to be minor but from a user standpoint they are drastic in the sense of placement.  A jump to the left, a step to the right.

5 Facebook Page Changes:

1. Search.  The search box has been increased by almost 50% and has moved to the left side.  The larger size and new location is to entice users to utilize the search to find new friends as well as fan their favorite businesses.


2. Notifications.  The notifications once located at the bottom of the page have been moved to the left of the new search box and are transparent icons (connections, email and notifications respectively)

3. Home, Profile, Inbox, Friends & Account.  These have shifted to the right where the old search box was located. Account will have a drop down box that at the time of publishing is still unknown what the drop down will be.

4. Applications.  The applications has moved to the left under your news feed and lists and have been given a header of “Bookmarks.” Nice to see that the MafiaWars and FarmVille’s get their own header however we have to think that ther will be integration with the social bookmarks that we have grown accustomed to like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, etc.

5. Border.  A gray lined border has been added around the entire page for what seems to be a design element? Depth? End point? It does look nice but not sure if I really would have noticed if I did not compare the two pages.

Quick glimpse of the changes:facebook changes

These changes are minor but as always there will be feedback as users adapt to the changes. What was right is now left, what was left is now to the right. As these are still being rolled out, we may see some additional tweeks that ultimately increase the functionality with third party applications and increase the time users spend on Facebook.  Will we see hashtags coming to Facebook, well I guess they would be called Facetags or Booktags?

Will the larger search box be enough to make you use it more? How much do you use Facebook for business? Personal?

photo credits: Tech Crunch