Facebook Launches Facebook Studio



Facebook StudioFacebook  has made it easier for advertisers to share their Facebook ad campaigns as well as lure in some new advertisers. Facebook Studio, a new community platform is focusing on the agencies and creatives alike whose clients have had success with Facebook advertising.

Facebook Studio

Facebook Studio while geared towards agencies and creatives it is also a point of reference for those who have not yet taken the leap into placing ad dollars into Facebook.  They can see the work that has been done by some of the biggest and best agencies on behalf of their clients. As this has just launched in the past 24 hours, the majority of the creative that is currently on the site is big agencies (presumably to help get this launched and encourage other big agencies to submit their creative) however as this community grows, I expect to see some individual or smaller creative boutiques sharing their work. Facebook Studios is not limited to showcasing successful ad campaigns, as there are quite a few features; some we cheer, some we jeer!

Facebook Studio Features

1. Gallery. The Gallery of course is where we can review the creative that has been added and see what has worked for others to be able to gauge the quality of your pages/apps/videos, etc against some of the biggest brands. Inside the Gallery, there are thumbnails of the campaigns that have been uploaded and also where you can “Like” or “Share” a campaign.

Facebook Studio Gallery

There is also a filtered sub-menu to sort the creative by:

a) Most Recent

b) Most Liked

c) Most Shared

d) Region

e) Language

Click on the campaigns to reveal a quick synopsis of the campaign, the campaign performance and the information about the agency and in the right column, you can comment and also post that comment to Facebook.

Facebook Studio Comments

2. Spotlight. The Spotlight is the creative that Facebook Studio places front and center. The ads become spotlights when they receive enough Likes. While there was hope that this would not be a popularity contest, that has been quashed, but, then again, it is Facebook or a branch of.

3. Awards. Awards are given to the best creative. It does not say how frequently the awards are going to be handed down. To be eligible for an Award, the creative first has to be featured in the Spotlight. However, the awards will be judged and not only based upon the amount of Likes. We know it will weigh heavily though.

4. What’s New. Stay on top of what is going in in Facebook Studio by visiting The Facebook Studio Blog.

5. Learning Lab. The Learning Lab is a resource center for the different Facebook marketing products. Contained within the learning lab are some short videos, pdf’s as well as additional information to assist with your Facebook marketing campaign.

Facebook Studio Agency Portfolio

Facebook Studio is an additional portfolio for agencies. The Agency Directory is not only located on the home page (albeit down at the bottom) it allows users to view all campaigns that have been uploaded by that particular agency. This secondary agency portfolio (assuming that the campaigns are on their website). This is an excellent way for agencies, especially the smaller ones, to have their work featured and possibly get a few new clients!

Facebook Studio is a great idea however if it is dominated by the bigger agencies, the smaller ones or the DIY who have created a Facebook campaign may be a bit intimidated to upload their work. The big agencies are working with big brands and we know that a lot of smaller business would be very interested in advertising on Facebook. A small company is not working the big agencies. The question is that will this reach the small business owner or will it only be utilized by the agencies to show who is top dog?

What do you think? Will Facebook Studio be a resource for small businesses?