The Biggest Unkept Secret



best unkept secretStart Spreading the News … yeah, the best but unkept secret. Ever have that? Sure we all have when we are sitting on something waiting to come to fruition and you leak a bit because you just know. It happens. A big book deal, a speaking engagement, a new big client – it is all something that is life changing but yet you just know the minute you open your mouth to that trusted friend that would never, ever say a word it all goes to shit. Yeah, well it happens to many but, who really talks about it? Isn’t it better to have the best kept secret and get so busy that no-one pays attention? Yes but, come on, we know that we have to tell someone, many, the chosen ones. We all have that best unkept secret that really is not a secret as we are so there while trying to be coy or cryptic – as it is our escape.

The Biggest Unkept Secret

I am here to expose the biggest unkept secret. It was a journey that was filled with from the ridiculous to the sublime. Friends gained, friends lost. Rulings that forgot about the law, filings that were late and frivolous that were geared to prolong. The escape is to put your heels are down in the stirrups and want nothing more than focus off of you just to gallop away but yet you still get tossed. Happens. We learn new ways to get back into the stirrups and realize that sometimes life is a big hole in the ground and you can climb up or stay there. Fighters get up regardless and my best unkept secret (damn that Twitter and DM failure) is a story so sensational that it makes soap operas look realistic. Imagine. I suppose I want this heavenly body to come in and take over and say what I should say. However, since that has not happened, I find it easiest to just put it in song:

[youtube aqlJl1LfDP4]


Top 10 Reasons I am Moving BACK to New Jersey

Number 10: I have driven across country 3 times, I am an even kind of girl.  Forget 3x is the charm …I move for 4x is the ticket!

Number 9: Cockroaches and scorpions … do I need to say more?

Number 8:  56% Graduation rate. Really?

Number 7: Mosquitos and Gnats need new blood.

Number 6: Rex called … girl show ’em it is about football and not the planting of the foot.

Number 5: Clammy is better than salty.

Number 4: Terry wanted me to push the Vegas line bring back a championship.

Number 3: Jersey Shore is recasting … hey, they can rename it to Cougar Time!

Number 2: Sunblock 10 months a year is so not anti-aging.

And the Number 1 Reason WE am Moving Back to New Jersey is  … because the Supreme Court of the State of Nevada said, not once, not twice but three times  – lady. Oh sorry a little Lionel.

And there it is.

What Is Next?

A long ass drive. Oh that is not the question that you all have? I guess I have a couple of miles days to think about it more. Where do you go from here? Returning to a State that is home is exciting as never will I miss a METS game or have to leave the couch for a JETS game but as a mom it is bringing my son into a life of family, friends, pizza to die for =-), great schools and all that comes with it. I will miss wearing shorts in October and April and will dread the day I buy an umbrella, ice scraper, shovel, really heavy coat, scarf, snow boots, etc. I will not miss the legal bills that are starting to approach my age =-( but after 12 years and the school system in such disarray, it was time 2 years ago to make this happen. I guess fast track really is an oxymoron.

See ya in NEW JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well in a few days because ole blue eyes has it right – Start Spreading the News, I am leaving TODAY!

photo credit: psflannery

  • Hooorayyy!!!!!!! It’s been a very very very long and painful and twisty struggle. I’m so very very very happy for you! Hoorayyy!!!!! Hello, hello! Great job, Suzanne! Congratulations! 

    • Thank you so very much. Having been there from the beginning through the ups and downs of this and whoa there were many, it felt like this day would never come. Your friendship, support and understanding have been so appreciated and definitely helped a lot through the rough passes.

      As you know I have been waiting for this day for 2 years and when I am freezing and my boogers are freezing, I will still look around me and love what is in front of me. Friends and family that make my life so much better. Guess it is time to give the nod to Diane … I will be in her neck of the woods!

  • Neat we will be in the Same Time Zone which means I can bother you I mean talk with you more often… Now Team Jersey has appropriate headquarters. 

  • That means we can get some gas and head DTS for pizza and zeppoles! You are buying right Suzanne? I am glad that #TeamJersey will actually be home IN JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow that’s such a big change, I am glad for you if that’s the direction you want to head to. Now you have to post pictures of your new setup, well I’ll give you some days still no worries :p

  • I have had such a hard time not talking about all the ridiculous crap you had to go through these past two years! I am holding onto hope that as you drive across this fabulous country of ours you stop in Denver and give me a squeeze. I am sad that the little bundle won’t here there to get one too.

  • Suzanne – Welcome back to the right (vs. left) coast.

  • Suzanne – Welcome back to the right (vs. left) coast.

  • Yowza — that’s some *big* news for a Friday (or any other day, for that matter). Hope your drive is as smooth as a cross-country drive can be, & that the Mets & Jets show their appreciation with performances worthy of your presence!

    Seriously, I hope this is a great move for you, & that your return to NY is the start of an incredible new chapter for you & yours!

    (PS: “Clammy is better than salty” may be the greatest reason I’ve ever read to do *anything* 🙂

  • Renee Howard

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you! Tell the little one I said hi.

    • Renee

      He is spending 2 weeks with his dad so as soon as he gets HOME we will be sure to set up a skype.

  • I’m happy for you, SV. Don’t forget to breathe. 

    • Jim

      Thank you so much! I am happy for me too! Jersey will never be the same.