The Entire Package

The Entire PackagePackaging plays a critical part in how a product or service is put together and presented to the target market. We spend a lot of time creating the brand and branding the brand, especially for products however when we think about services, we are packaging many times the service within the website. The content on the site, the search engine optimization and through a blog to attract and engage new visitors to market to them for them to become clients. The packaging here is not to dissimilar to a product in so far as people are able to see the site, interact with it to obtain the necessary information for them to buy. This does not paint the entire picture though. People buy from people. Once someone reaches their own comfort level, they buy. How do we target and hone in on that comfort level?

Bridging the Gap

We are attracted to people initially by some sort of attribute. We are drawn to them and instantly feel some sort of trust, enough to continue to converse. In face to face interactions we are able to get more of a true sense for who the person is by watching them and interacting with them. In an online meeting, we view their profile or their web page and gain information to form an opinion. If we are hearing great things about the a person or a company, we will spend a bit more time on the site to see what all the hype is about. We are not always seeing the person that we are to be buying from though. We are hearing them through their words in a blog or interacting via comments but are we always getting the full picture? Are we always feeling who they are?

The Entire Package

The entire package of who we are is more than being there. It is more than the words we type in a blog, status updates Facebook orĀ  chatting on Twitter, it is showing people who we are though creating a virtual face to face meeting of sorts. Being everywhere is really being there and being there is accomplished through showing people who you are via the telephone or video. Let them really feel you.

Moving Forward

The move forward into 2011 has happened. We could not stop it. We were forced into it and had to accept that. When we are forced into things, we react. When we have a chance to create an excuse, we do. I created more excuses for not giving what I was receiving. I thrived because of people around me. I allowed my own vanity to preclude me from letting you really meet me the way I have met you. I allowed me to think that you would judge me on a physical appearance vs the quality of the content; when I do not even do that. Moving forward is about giving the entire package. Some will love, some will hate and some will simply like. That is when you know you have successfully created the entire package as you will know what they are thinking because they will tell you.

When you think about the entire package of you/your company, is it complete? Have we seen it all?

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  • Giving the whole package means removing the final wall between our everyday life and our online life, letting people see us (and consequentially our brand) for what we really are, no filters at all.
    I fully promote being transparent, but I understand it’s not something everyone can feel comfortable with. Some people still feel there should be separation, some “protection” so to say, and I really think it comes down to how you decide to be transparent, and for what reasons.
    Truth is, it really is the way to go for a further step in humanizing your brand, for how uncomfortable it may make you feel.

    • Gabriele

      I am all about the transparency but of course it has limits. When our personal brand starts to collide with the professional we have to look at that say determine what is and what is not appropriate to put out there. I struggle with that a lot. I look to people around me for how they handle that and take it all in.

      The uncomfortableness of being behind the camera, seeing yourself, and putting it out there is hard for me. I have to work through the vanity issues as I am holding so much back. I have not allowed the person to be seen. It will be baby steps and I know before long I will be able to laugh at this … I hope.