The Social Media Pledge

social media pledgeThe end of a decade, we say good bye to all that was over the past 10 years, all the sayings that at the time seemed to make sense or not, all the work we have done, where we were then and where we are now.  It is exciting to think about what is to come in the next ten years. How will life be different?  What tools will we have to play with? How will television, cell phones, computers, etc change?  How will our lives become easier with technology? Ten years is a long time and we are just getting a taste of the social media marketing tools that will change the way that we communicate, build relationships and do business.

Reading this blog means that you are utilizing some sort of social media tool to arrive here as this is not on the front page of the New York Times nor any other printed publication (though that would be cool) and are a part of the online community.  A community that grows everyday.

The Social Media Pledge

I hereby solemnly swear:

1. To be committed to the social media community by being respectful of others and refrain from trying to barrel my way through with my megaphone and announcing my presence.

2. I will be patient and learn the tools I have chosen to be a part of and how the community interacts and chime in when I can add to the conversation.

3. I will be kind to others and should I err, be grateful to those that give me the guidance to correct.

4. I will dedicate time to my profiles and never leave them idle for more than 2 days. Yes, even vacations, I shall check in to say how great my hotel is, the beach or mountains are as people do care.

5. I will be helpful and share information obtained from others that I find useful without asking for reciprocity.

6. I will reach out when I need a question answered or a reference.

7.I will answer questions in my chosen field to the best of my ability without sending a bill.

8. I will comment on blogs that I can give fellow readers additional insight or a different perspective and refrain from “great post”.

9. I will actively seek out new blogs especially those of new bloggers to let them know we all were new and welcome them to the community.

10. I will get to know people and communicate with them. I will be their friend and never sell them as if they know me, they know what I do and how I can help. I also will not judge them from photos they are tagged in or during a sporting event.

11. I will introduce people that I think will be a great connection that otherwise may not have connected.

12. I will do my part to contribute to the community and welcome new friends and give them the guidance that was afforded to me.

Social media is about committing to giving as much of you as you can.  Let people get to know you, your likes, dislikes, interests, quirks and that behind that business or personal brand is a person, a human.

Any additional items that need to be included in this pledge? What are you doing in 2010 to make a difference to your online community? What path have you created for yourself or company?

photo credit: Samuel Mann