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Twitter has just made it easier for people to follow you directly from your website. Previously, the Twitter icon when clicked, opened a new window to our twitter profile. That has all changed with the new Twitter Follow button. Keeping people on your website is beneficial to you/your brand and getting more people to follow you on Twitter benefits you as well as Twitter.  The click and be connected is similar to a Like as one click and poof you are connected. The downside is that people will not be reviewing your custom Twitter page however does this really matter as they are already where you want them to be … on your website!

The New Twitter Follow Button

The new Twitter Follow button sets out to promote connections, retweets and engagement of course. While all of us Twitter users feel that everyone in the universe is on Twitter, we know this not to be true as recently discussed by Jay Baer delving into research that found that Twitter is used by just 8% of Americans. We also know that we are not connected with everyone we could or should be. We start out with great intentions and then every so often search for some new followers in our target or connect from a chat. We also visit many blogs each week but how often do we then go and connect with them on Twitter? Not very often. The new Twitter Follow button removes any excuses of not having time to click their twitter, open the new window, review their profile. We simply click Follow and we are connected.

New Twitter Follow Button

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How to Configure Your New Twitter Follow Button

Looking to make the change immediately? To configure your new Twitter Follow Button, simply go to If the user name does not populate automatically, fill in your name and then copy and paste the code on the right into your website.


configure new Twitter Follow button

Will you be converting to the new button? Should we be concerned that people will connect with us on Twitter from our website and not then subscribe to our blog? If they are getting all of our tweets, will they need to also receive our blog via RSS or email?

  • So now Twitter wants to be like Facebook, what a surprise, and the wars continue. I like it FWIW

    • Oscar

      I saw that correlation as well but hey it is a great feature and I love it. Ease of connections is what I am all about. With third party apps like Tweetdeck, I cannot recall the last time I went to a users actual profile so this is a step in that direction. Oh and yeah, Twitter just bought Tweetdeck! 

      • Definitely, easy connections are good! I heard about the tweetdeck buy. Great stuff and call me old school but I still check out each person’s profile on Twitter. AND still check every follow I get… besides that I do live in 3 – 4 twitter apps for everything else. 

        • Oscar

          I check out their profile on Tweetdeck and not their actual page. I am in tweetdeck constantly so it is easiest and most convenient. 

  • I love features like this. Simple to implement, make adoption easy, and adds the ability to enhance visible metadata on a website.

    And of course, immediately implemented here –

    Thanks for the tip, Suzanne. 🙂

    • I love this new button. Thanks so much for letting me try it on your site. It is so functional and if you are not following someone, it is like it is pointing the finger at you to follow. Best button we have seen in a while. I guess now we await Google’s +1.

      Thanks so much for sharing my love of this button and commenting. So very appreciated! 

  • I like the idea and I like the design of the new button, so yeah, I actually already changed it 1 minute ago on my blog :p

  • Intriguing that you review this new functionality — yet you don’t adapt it on your site. Makes me wonder why you reviewed it.

    • Ari

      Excellent point. I have been trying. I cannot find the code to remove the current twitter follow in thesis as I did not build the site. I am working on it as I want to have the new follow button. I await a response from who installed and built-in the twitter follow so that it can be changed.

      I reviewed it so that readers could take advantage of this new functionality as it is a great feature. Loyal readers enjoy a certain amount of industry news and I do my best to provide them with that.

      • It’s likely in your custom functions file.

        • It is actually built into the my thesis skin so it has to be changed that way. Not my area of expertise.

  • I think it’s neat. Groundbreaking? Not so much. I’ve installed it on my site but can’t say that it’s driving droves of new followers.

    At the end of the day, it’s still about connecting with people one-on-one. 

    • Ricardo

      It is very neat as I have used it on quite a few of the sites that I have visited as I am able to determine from the site if it is a connection that makes sense for me. It cuts out a lot of time and also makes me look at the connection closer.

      I am not necessarily shocked that the new button has not driven a lot of followers. It is inviting when you see that you are not connected but we still have to click the button.


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  • I definitely agree that it’s a great feature.  So easy to add people you’re really interested in and quite possibly part of your target audience!  And it removes the step of having to try to find them on Twitter or opening multiple windows just to add them. 

    Brittany Morse
    Online Marketing Specialist |

    •  Brittany

      The ease of connecting makes it useful and functional. I generally use different sources for my following however when I find a new blog that has it and it is connection I wish to make, it is a pleasure to see the new follow button.

      Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment.

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