Unleashing The Rudy Within Us

unleasing the rudy within usThere is a Rudy with us all, the there is no stopping me now, the drive that ensures that we never look back, the inner voice that pushes us to succeed. It is within us all but yet it gets overshadowed at times though things in our lives that have us stray. We all do it and that is shows the human side of us but yet regaining focus and seeing the bigger picture brings us back. The Rudy within us is that drive to never complain, to give all that we have, to be there everyday and be grateful for the opportunity to be there. We lose sight of that as we are chasing the numbers; sometimes out of desperation to make ends meet or out of wanting instead of earning.

Unleashing the Rudy Within Us

Rudy Reuttiger, the young man that was determined to go to Notre Dame and play football. He did not come from a wealthy or highly educated family but yet he had his eyes set and never looked to the side or back. He set a goal and saw no obstacles. He was going to go to Notre Dame and walk out onto that field for every game to contribute to the team. He was smaller than most but yet really bigger than any of them. He got his ass kicked just about everyday at practice and did not complain, no, he got up and fought harder. He saw no boundaries as small for him was not an obstacle, it was a perception.

The Perception and Mindset of Small

We see all the time in social media where people are focusing on the numbers. We hear people say I am small, I am not popular, I am trying to grow, how can I grow, etc. The focus is on the numbers and not the drive. Do you think that Chris Brogan woke up one day and was big? No, he started at zero but was driven and has repeatedly taken his punches but at the same time he shows us his Rudy on being focused on what matters. You matter, I matter, we as people and a community matter, the giving more of him regardless of the toll it takes on him and his family. Take Gary Vaynerchuk who came to the United States as a small child and had to learn the language and adjust to a new culture. Was his family’s liquor store the biggest thing to hit New Jersey? No. Has he empowered his inner drive to create opportunity for the liquor store? Yes and then some.

The Cheers of the Crowd

We all have a story and all have a voice that we want heard or really why would we be blogging, chatting, engaging or creating dialogue? Our Rudy comes out when we are stripped down and take a look at ourselves and forget about the numbers – the traffic, the rewteets, the comments. When we set out and develop a social media plan (we do have a plan, right?) we are in the mindset to work hard, never complain, take the criticism of the trolls, but yet we succumb to the outside voices. To bring it back to Rudy, if he allowed the outside to get to him would he ever have had the crowd cheering for him to be out on the field in the last minutes of the last game? The cheers of the crowd are much more important than the numbers as even if it is one person that talks about you, one person that becomes your Charlotte, the power of one matters.

Wanting Instead of Earning

We all want and at some point in our lives feel we are deserving, or are we? Are we being a bit bratty and wanting to fulfill a need? This can be out of necessity and no-one will should challenge you on that but at the same time have you done it all to avoid getting to that point of necessity? We get a lot of gimmes in life but yet how much do we see that we earned? We get a drivers’ license when we pass a test, a diploma for passing and completing high school, acceptance to an university of choice by entrance exams and transcripts – we earned them but yet many do. When we get away from the gimmes and the perception of earning, we see where wanting and earning begin to become far apart. Wanting and deserving are needs where earning is that stop at nothing because the alternative is really nothing.

Earning can be a bit of a tango- a slow dance where we learn the moves, feel our dance partner and music. The beat is slower but the vibrations are heard and welcomed.

Have you unleashed and let us see your Rudy?

photo credit: JackiBeem

  • Nicely stated. I think people forget this too much. It’s about never giving up, never losing hope, and never backing down from a challenge.

    Rudy had no fear. He had every reason to be full of it, but he wasn’t.

    He was impossible to stop.

    • Tommy

      Exactly! We all have it in us but yet when we start to feel a bit discouraged (whether that be on our own or someone else sharing their not so friendly thoughts) we lose sight of the Rudy in us.

      This article was written pretty much as me talking out loud so I could hear myself. The fact that it is resonating so well with people is what keeps me focused and balanced.

      Pleasure to have you dropping in!

      • I think you’ll be seeing more of me. I enjoy reading what you have to say.

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  • Suzanne, it’s always motivating to have a role model we can look up to and admire. They give us the strength we need when we have doubt.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • Focusing too much on something, you lose the bigger picture. When you drive, you focus on the road, you can’t see the scenery around you, you often don’t even notice, you have (rightfully) better things to take care of.
    Focusing on numbers, you can’t see what happens around you, you can’t participate in the discussion, you don’t relate or if you do, it’s just a mechanic, empty action.
    Putting passion and efforts in what you do, anything you do, makes all the difference.
    If you do SM just for the numbers, you stop having fun when those numbers don’t increase as quickly as you hoped for. And let’s face it, without *fun* SM wouldn’t be quite worth it.

  • Suzanne,

    This post is very close to a very bad experience I had with someone who I hurt her ego by unfollowing her on twitter. The Reason I unfollowed the person was because I spotted many selfish acts she committed to gain advantage of others. Also the group of people who she was aligned and continuously communicating are the perfect baseline for very dangerous trolls.

    I think just reading that the Cheers of the crowd are more important than numbers and in this case the continuous attacks by detractors who try to sabotage efforts because they have nothing else to do helps me focus. Like you say the Power of One Matters. Sadly these people have a cyber gang for the purpose of making people conform to what they think is right.

    I think the fact that people want more than earning is key in most of the issues I see in most relationships either business or personal. Most of these individuals want relationships but they decide not to earn them. Your Tango analogy was great!

    I guess the Rudy in me came out when I decided to not relate myself with most of these people knowing that it would have consequences. It is funny on how people that are focus on having many followers and have a big ego will act like the victim just because you unfollowed them or decided to end any type of relationship.

    The Rudy in me thought the right thing was to move away from people who can hurt others and move closer to people like yourself who are doing great things and always projecting a positive message.

    • Raul

      First, sorry I missed IMS10. The mid week conferences are tough now that my son is in kindergarten.

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. The power of one is incredibly powerful. Getting to know people one by one is how we build relationships and a community. If I get to know a person and you get to know a person we have trust and when we all come together there is a common ground and a bit of trust already there. Those that are there to feed off others and never really earn the respect, trust and friendship are going to learn that social media is about relationships and relationships are based upon people and how we treat them.

      So glad that you had a chance to meet my bud, Chris. He is such a great guy and well worth talking to.

  • Jmacholl

    Loved this post. The concept of earning it seems to have bypassed many people these days. The “scars” and “ass kickings” are what make you a seasoned pro.

  • Hi Suzanne,

    Something that helps me is knowing that my time is limited & not to waste it.

    • Ivan

      Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and commenting. Um… you are a very busy person traveling all over and with more to come. Loved the chronology on your site. I chuckled about Netscape as I remember the days.

      Time is limited and we all forget to earn when we want. It is easy to want and not do the work and earn. Being an avid sports fan as you are with your soccer, I go to sports and sports figures a lot in my thinking (esp when I am calling them out for not performing to the way I think they should) and I question how I can criticize them when sometimes I do not give all that I have.

      Great life story on your site. I really got a kick out of reading it

      • Thanks Suzanne,

        For better or worse, the About Page is one of the top five visited pages on the site. I learned a few things from reading Yaro and Neil Patel and it’s made a difference.

        and… I have an old copy of Netscape on CD. Tempted to install it and see what happens. Crash the internet probably 🙂