Weather Forecast of Your Blog

weather blogWeather, a natural phenomenon that is a part of our daily lives.  The seasons of change from the oppressive  heat of Death Valley to the negative readings in North Dakota, we learn the patterns and adjust to our surroundings.  Adjust to the ever changing fronts that move in to wreak havoc of a high colliding with a low or just the bliss of a high pressure system dominating with abundant sunshine. We tune into the forecast to prepared for what is to come as we go about our daily activities. The weather affects each industry differently as a freeze warning in Florida threatens crops where a heat wave in the desert surges power usage whereas for others it is smooth sailing and business as usual.  How does this relate to a blog?  Blogging is a part our daily lives. Whether it be a blogger or an enthusiast who looks for blogs to read each day and comment on, the seasons of change surrounding the blogosphere cause us to adjust.  What weather pattern does your blog resemble?

1. High Pressure/Sunshine.  Stationary, every day, no real diversions.

2. Low Pressure/Cloudy.  The gloom that builds as the air rises and cools forming clouds.

3. Thunder/Lighting.   Collision of high and low pressures.  Explosive, great content that is mesmerizing but sporadic.

4. Tropical Storm.  Gets a name, starts building some power but not enough just yet to get to the next level.

5. Hurricane.  Name worthy by packing powerful punch that gains the momentum to garner attention by engrossing.

6. Tornado.  Rolls in, causes destruction and rolls out to never stir up again.

Bloggers at a certain point in their blogging life and the evolution of their blog take on the characteristics.  As you get traction and an audience, we all want that high pressure/sunshine bliss as if that were an end point.  There are always new levels to take your blog to and new ways we can expand upon our audience and build a blog brand loyalty. As much as I do love weather, this post was not inspired by my love of weather per se, as  it came out of a blog comment that I left where I referred to a part of a post about the weather of a blog was “told” to go and write this.  Certainly great advice.

So which mother nature phenomenon best describes where you are now?

photo credit: kevindooley

  • certainly a creative way to look at blogging
    Here's my convo contribution, i.e., notes for a post so far unpublished about what I've learned blogging: Writing is compulsory thought

    It gets you going and is Great Fun

    Patience – the “machine” just isn't as speedy as my thoughts

    Persistence – start writing and the words will come

    Did I say it was fun? Why? Let me count the reasons. Doing what you love to dois a big one

    When sharing is important, it's fun to share

    THANKS, SUZANNE, for giving me a platform for those thoughts.