What Game Are You Bringing?

What game are you bringing? As a small business are you bringing it all? Are you the company that no-one is watching or even thinks of you as a competitor? What are you doing every single day in every department that is ensuring that you will be there the next day, week or month? Is it a game in business? No, in business it is not a game per se but it is about competition and garnering that attention that catapults you to have that winning edge, spirit, that feeling that people have to be a part of you.

What Game are You Bringing?

We all want to say immediately our A-Game always, but are we? Small business owners know deep down that this is not always so true. We are tired, overwhelmed and sometimes just not allotted the time to focus on that one part that may be the best part or the part that is lacking. Small business owners wear a lot of hats and while we feel invincible, we know we are not. I say “we” as I am a small business owner that works with small businesses. Teamwork matters and we do not have that fighting chance without establishing goals and a strategy that we implement with a team. The team can be internal or external via outsourcing. We never look better than when we create that team. Our lawyers, accountants, support staff, friends, etc. We all face challenges in just about all aspects of life, but how prepared we are and how we act upon the preparation makes the difference.

So now tell me, what are you bringing to win? It is not always about the game at hand but the long haul of winning the customers and that we cannot deny is a part of how we do business. Developing new strategies and implementing them to introduce us to new customers also includes our competitor’s. We have to think about who really knows us. Are they as blind to who we are as someone that we are targeting who is not a buyer of our competitor?

Is taking a customer away from our competitor dirty or is it something that is practiced in big business everyday? I think it is but as small business owners are we shying away from that? Is this shying away more confined to local businesses or are we incorporating the big brand strategy where on any given Sunday …

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  • Yea I watched that game and I was going for those Jets..I’m so happy for Rex and Mark..but it will be an big challenge next week..

    BTW Suzanne.Can you can contact me on my contact page..Its very important..I need your help.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Antonio

      It was a great game and I am obviously very happy about the outcome. It was the entire team that got this win starting with the coaching. The plays called, the execution of the plays and taking the talent that is on the team and making it come together.

      Next week is a challenge just like every single game. Every time we take to the field we are challenged as on any given sunday, any team can win. Just like on any given day, any customer can jump ship to another company. We have to take this over and put it into perspective that way and be sure that we are ready to bring it always.

      Contacted you and getting ready what you requested. Very honored.

  • I like to think about managing my company as a sort of game, I am a gamer at heart (videogamer, that is, I thought I had to specify it to a Vegas girl 😉 ) but I do not consider it a game at all, if you know what I mean.
    What my company bring in the “game” is surely passion for what we do, and I understand it sounds way too mushy and cliche, but hey, what can I say? If you like what you do you naturally are inclined to do it at the best of your possibilities, and that’s not always true for all businesses as we all know.
    Perhaps the big advantage of small businesses is the ability to maintain “passion” as the driving force for your actions. There’s money to earn, naturally, but without passion even that side will be hurt.

    • Gabriele

      You are a gamer! My son is becoming a gamer which has to make you smile. Yeah he is really getting good at the computer games and finding his away around.

      There is something to be said for the passion that we bring to our work. Sure we are passionate about marketing and helping businesses however do people feel that passion, do they see it, do they experience it? We can say it as everyone will b/c if not then the credibility and trust factor gets lost. That is where we are at. However when people see it and feel it, then we see the separation and those that tend to be more successful.

      Yes the money is definitely needed however when the want to earn comes through more than the passion for what you do, you will lose. No doubt about that.

  • Hi Suzanne,

    I feel part of the game is networking with the right people.

    Not right in the sense of A listers but finding ‘like-minded’ people that share the same values.

    The saying, ‘people judge you by the friends you keep’ is worth remembering when developing connections and trying to get your business off the ground.

    I’ve been very lucky to cultivate some good friendships online and while it takes a little patience, the rewards last longer.