What Is The Purpose Of Your Blog?

why do you blog, what makes you so greatWhy do you blog? It is a question that many pose and the answers while they vary, they all lead to one thing; to make money. This could be to drive people to a product or your services through the content but it is ultimately to make money. Sure, there are some that are recreational bloggers and do it as a hobby but most of the bloggers are here to gain awareness to drive people to do something and that something is to buy. Customers, clients, brand loyalists, brand evangelists, referral agents, etc. it is all contained within why so many blog. It is pretty simple really but yet it gets real complicated when we start adding the layers of defining the purpose of the blog deeper than the making money aspect.

What is the Purpose of Your Blog?

Yes, the underlying purpose is to make money however it is deeper than that. The purpose of each article is to have your audience do something. That something is where people get all flustered and are unable to define the purpose of their blog. This blog, is a small business marketing resource. Ok, great and … You see this is where we get stuck. It begs the question of how. How is it a small business marketing resource? What makes it so great that small business owners need to come each day, read, digest and then act? Here is where the real thinking comes in as defining the purpose is more than making money as it is the prove it and make us believe that your company is above the rest and this blog is a small business marketing resource.

What Makes You So Great?

What makes you stand high above the crowd? The marketplace is busting at the seams with consultants, self titled social media experts, gurus, ninjas, established advertising and small business social media agencies. So what makes you different? What makes you rise above and have people read your blog, subscribe, and do what you wish of them which is hire you? We see people who stand out in certain industries and when we think of that industry, we think of them. DJ Waldow of Blue Sky Factory is email marketing. No question there. Gary Vaynerchuk is wine but also a force in the social media agencies for large businesses. Mari Smith is Facebook. Jason Falls is a public relations/journalist/social media consultant (who incidentally throws the best party at BlogWorld and if you have not fallen victim to “The Falls,” you have not experienced BlogWorld), Lisa Barone is Outspoken … Media that is and writes upwards of 30 blog posts a week when live blogging. Chris Brogan is well Chris Brogan and despite my son confusing him with Chris Berman (for which is the one thing that Chris does not have his hand in … yet) he is a multitude of great. This is what they have told and proven to us that they are great at. They are the go to people as we have grown to trust and rely upon them has they have proven time and time again to be great.

When you are developing the purpose of your blog, the what makes you so great comes into play if you are looking to be successful. It is defining how you will make the money as if you do not stand out, you are just another face in the crowd. It is more that working harder than everyone else, it is working smarter to define that one thing that you are great at and ensuring that people know, listen, adopt, believe, trust and share with you.

How do You Determine What Makes You So Great?

Simple answer is what do people look to you for? What are people asking of you? What do you think is your one thing that you excel at? What you are passionate about is not always what you are great at. I am passionate about small business marketing which encompasses their advertising and social media but does that translate into the one thing that I am great at? No, not really. It is broad and quite frankly no different that the other Las Vegas social media marketing agencies or for that matter any other adverting and marketing agency that caters to small businesses. There is not that one thing. That one association when people think Suzanne Vara of Kherize5 and (dead air) is lacking. Hard truth but the truth nonetheless.

Determining what makes you so great is what people associate you with. Not sure? Ask. People will tell you. It may shock you but it is a building block to evaluate what makes you so great. Apple did not sell a million Iphones, Ipads and Kinetics in shorter intervals without defining what makes each product so great. Professional athletes did not focus on one sport without first determining which one they were so great at.

Then there is commitment. What are you committed to and really committed to providing to your audience, customers and clients? Mitch Joel has laid out his commitment, have you?

Establishing the greatness, creates the want.

Thoughts? What are you great at? Don’t be shy as if you do not tell we cannot create the want.

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  • Finding your “signature move” is something which isn’t always easy or to be taken for granted.
    Sometimes what others perceive you as awesome at isn’t what you officially do. My blog is mainly focused on social media and blogging lately, but this is just one small part of my business, focused on innovative marketing and 3D web products focused on marketing.

    Ultimately, I think a blog should surely maintain at least a niche within your business, but you shouldn’t feel totally limited in what you talk about by that niche itself. Especially when you start out, I wouldn’t focus too much on finely polishing your arguments, that’s something you learn with experience, in a natural way, being careful, though, not to talk about too many arguments at the same time.

    • Gabriele

      I do think that when you are starting out or even reevaluating that you have done, you do need to stick to one message and then once you are associated with that and have a good base then you can start interjecting some other things. We saw Gary do this and Chris do this. They stayed focused on that one thing and then grew that one thing but always stay true to the one thing.

      • Yes it’s a fair objection, better to be well established in one niche and then trying out new frontiers rather than starting too many things at once.
        It’s like people starting in social media with too many channels at once and failing in all of them as they spread too wide.

  • Hi Suzanne,

    …What makes it so great that small business owners need to come each day, read, digest and then act?

    It’s real old school but… if you create a page, not a post, and list everything about a specific topic, then you get oceans of traffic as this becomes the #1 resource on the web.

    The problem with posting is that once they go off the home page, they rarely get read. But pages have a longer reach.

    You can see CB doing this with his Top Ten posts or DoshDosh’s ultimate guides.

    If I was starting again… I’d write super long Wikipedia articles that generate lots of backlinks.

    Instead of me promoting my site, others start to do it instead.

    Wouldn’t that be great 🙂

    • Ivan

      That would be uber great. It is what we need to grow to and get on board with. I then look around and shrug shoulders and think when I get that figured out, I will be making all the right choices.

      I agree on the page but posts do get ranked and push pages down. Of course with the back links we would be seen as the authority and not pushed down.

      For the small biz owner, they are getting so much attention and are really on information overload. Who do they believe? Do they know enough to ask around? Or are we seeing where they are believing that hey are hearing? It is the ability to get before them which is the game changer.

      • Hi Suzanne,

        It’s very difficult, that’s for sure.

        Something to consider is to write a series of posts around a specific topic and then turn this into a ebook at the end.

        I find a lot of what I’ve written is fine but… there is no way to ‘package’ it.

        If you look at Seth Godin for example. Several of his book are compilations from his site.

        I guess it’s about thinking like a ‘publisher’, if that makes sense.


        • Ivan

          The series to an ebook with more meat in the book is definitely taking it to a next level. Ebooks are popular and when done right are very good resources that people will use and also share. Thinking like the publisher is a way to get the blog on track to grow. As you mention no way to package it is a path that this blog has taken which was a deviation from where it was a year ago.

          Great advice that will have to be a part of a post for sure as when we are talking about growing within your industry and tying that to the purpose of the blog, an ebook is a natural progression.

  • Wearing a huge ridiculous sombrero has always worked for me to stand out 🙂

  • Debbie Russell

    This is a great article that points out that people need to focus, blog with a purpose and brand themselves in one particular area or no one will be much interested in what they are saying. Excellent advise and one that we should all follow on blogging!

    • Debbie

      I think that people think that they are doing. I have talked to so many people the past few weeks who are at a stand still on their blog as they were evaluating goals and not seeing the results they wanted. When I posed the question, I did get some dead air and the blank stare. It got me thinking that this is not an isolated problem.

      People jumped in and knew that a blog would bring traffic. There as no real focus or direction that guided them and kept them afloat and give them an ability to grow. Blogging is a platform to grow your community and your community grows your business.

  • hmmm why do I blog? Seems like it would be fairly straight-forward question but truth is there is no easy answer. I don’t necessarily do it for money, I am not an ego-maniac and I don’t really care about becoming a blogging celebrity. At my very core I guess I am what my dad refers to as one of those flaky creative artsy people that just loves to share with others. I blog because it allows me to share and give back, although not always simultaneously. I had an awesome blog about PR (http://www.everdaypublicrealtions.com)but was naive and had my domain stolen right out from under me and now it has become some hugely successful site that actually makes money using my story (falsely) to market themselves but I don’t get bogged down in the negativity. More than anything, I blog for me. I now write a collection of blogs – my favorite being http://adventuresinconservationpr.com [Tales From the Field] all about people who work in conservation, doing the things you may not have ever considered actual conservation work, but hey, somebody has to do it! I also get to write freely at http://dancingtothemusicinmyhead.com [Dancing to the Music in My Head] about anything and everything. I did also resume Everyday Public Relations but at http://www.everdaypublicrelations.org for my professional everyday PR advice. again – i don;t get paid to write any of these. I get picked up by a few sites like Brazen Careerist, Damsels in Success and Divine Caroline but having my friends and family get a kick out of a story I have written or a person comment that my post made their day means more to me than any paycheck. After all I have a full time job as an ecologist and public affairs rep for that. I love it when my writing touches people. I teach part time at the University of Georgia and get to teach freshman students how to write…it is one of the best parts of my job, hands down. I love outreach, giving back to kids, leaving things better than when I found them. So why do I blog – because if I didn’t all those words would just be wasted, built up inside of me until one day I burst…It’s just something you have to do. And if you do it…and you love it, then you understand.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Suzanne,

    Great article. It touches on the modern pandemic of everyone wanting to be seen as something they are not. So many ‘wannabe’ people call themselves musicians, writers, actors, artists etc (based on stigmatised & projected perceptions of these), and convince themselves that they really are these things. I believe that Plato’s Republic addressed this, so it must have been a modern pandemic back in the 5th century…aplogies, I digress.

    I think that you are absolutely right about people needing to focus on what they are good at, rather than what they would like to be perceived as, though sadly, for many this will not in reality be as exciting or as rewarding as the fantastical version in their minds. Cynical? Not really, as the vast majority of people who don’t know what they are good at, still appear to have enough drive to desire the things that others are good at naturally. This is a generalisation, but in truth, we all ought to know where are strengths and weaknesses lie, and if we don’t then it is probably because we don’t want to. I think that in the end, trying to tell a self styled marketing guru that his strength is actually in accounting, would be like trying to prize an old bone from a Pitbull…

    Forgive the tenuous relevance of my comment, I was inspired to wax lyrical on reading the post.

    All the best!

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