Why You Should Always Apologise For A Mistake!

apologizing for business mistakesBecause customers deserve a business which is honest about making the mistake and sincere about making it right. If you fail to provide an exceptional response to your mistake, you will hear about it in more ways then one. Customers will tell others about their poor experience with your company. Except, this story will be told on a global scale across blog posts, social networks and forums.

Remember that in business you cannot control consumer sentiment online. And that’s a really good thing. Now we all have an equal say on what does and doesn’t work on a global scale. As Suzanne writes “Are You Talking To Your Audience Effectively?” if one of your employees decides to write an angry response to a customer complaint, then that message will be publicly broadcast across social networks and blogs in an instant.

If you have made the mistake, own up to it. It saves a lot of hassle for your company to be the one who admits rather then denies a mistake was made. What do you reckon, are businesses handling customer complaints and feedback in an effective manner?

Are they acting on what they being told and show the customer they care?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

About the Author:

Josh Chandler, age 19, is a Virtual Assistant , Blogger and Video Podcaster. Making his start on the web at age 16, he produced interviews with Top Web Entrepreneurs and first time Startup owners. He has a strong passion for marketing, technology and the web.

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  • Nice one, Josh,

    Paradoxically, it also puts you in control of the situation whereas if you don’t, you’re defending yourself.

    • Ivan,

      Yes, a company is never going to form a suitable first impression with a customer by defending their actions.

      You are either wrong or right in business. Let’s not forget that the customer is always right, no matter what you believe.

  • You’re quite right. Reputation Management is indeed kept effective when you are honest about making a mistake. People notice that in a day and age where only very few people will admit any mistakes.

    • Henrik,

      I totally agree. We all learn something from every mistake we make in business.

      Why shouldn’t we be the first to admit it? It’s better to do that then wait for a customer to publish a tweet or blog post saying we failed to acknowledge them.

  • Its best to ask for forgiveness then not knowing how your readers will view you..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Yep. Being honest and accountable for your mistake is the only way for a company to operate.

  • I made a personal commitment to always apologize in case I screw up, both in business and in my everyday life. I think it’s a good habit one should really follow in order to grow as an individual. And in the end, one more apology won’t ruin your life, while one less really could.

  • Josh,

    Love it. You are right on. It is amazing that so many companies miss out on opportunities to use a mistake as an opportunity to build relationships with their customers while also sounding human.

    I will be sharing this post with a few of my colleagues.


    • Jason,

      Yes that is one thing I didn’t acknowledge in my post!

      Thank you for sharing this with others. I hope they get some value out of it. 🙂