Without Passion is there Happiness?

passion there is happinessPassion, a strong emotion or feeling that defines the purpose and drive behind many things that we do. We are passionate about our work, our associations, our partner, our first impressions, our social status – for some what we are passionate about is a myriad of things that collectively bring happiness or does it? With so many things that we are/can be passionate about, can we be passionate about multiple things at once and that makes us happy or is passion limited to bring happiness? Each day we go through our routine and when things are great, we experience that nirvana but when things are bad, we want to hide like a ground hog who did not see his shadow – but does that negate passion and overall happiness?

Is passion scalable?

When we think of passion or speak of people who are passionate about things, we tend to talk in singular items and not necessarily multiple things that people are passionate about. Are we able to be passionate about many things at the same time or is it limited? If we are passionate about multiple things does that then passion is scalable as do we assign different levels of passion? When we are passionate about something, it does drive us to do more and in the instance of work or even bettering the lives of others, we work harder and focus to dedicate as much as we can to what we are trying to accomplish. If we are passionate about multiple things at once then does that take away from one of the other things? For the small business owner wearing multiple hats each day are they able to be passionate about every aspect of the overall business operations, their family, their friend relationships, their volunteer, etc? When we put in this way, it seems impossible to have true passion about multiple things at the same time.  This would tend to show that passion is scalable as we cannot be all and dedicate the level of passion to all things.

Is Passion Selfless?

When we think of people who better the lives of others through their work, volunteering or in any aspect and capacity and spend countless hours doing and not telling, we look them as heroes. I know I sometimes wonder how do they do it? Where do they get the drive or in some cases strength to do what they do everyday? Here, their passion is selfless. They cannot think about themselves or second guess what they are doing (especially when resisted) or they will not continue. Of course this refers to people helping people with addictions, the homeless, the terminally ill, etc. but what about people who are passionate about their company or even what they do in their line of work? I cannot sit here and say that they are all selfless but then again are they? I know as a business owner, a mom, a friend, a sister, an aunt, a daughter that many times I am not so much concerned about myself but yet there is a difference. I can never compare what is to me or many business owners every day life to what people who give themselves to help others do. Yes being passionate about advertising and helping small businesses having the opportunity to be proud of their business name, logo, graphics, social media presence and also sharing in the joy of my friends and colleagues accomplishments but that no way compares to the people who each day face the challenges of other people that we tend to forget about.

Without Passion is there Happiness?

When we think of passion and happiness do the two co-exist in the sense of existing at the same time or are they they able to exist separately? I know things that I am passionate about do make me happy or quite frankly I would not be putting so much effort into them. As consumers we are attracted to great advertising in  print ads, a commercial (or there would never be a flush/sewer problem in NY/NJ during SuperBowl) and for us social media marketing enthusiasts to spending countless hours online to learn and promote) which essentially comes down to great content but does that equate the passion of leaning and excelling at something into happiness? Is passion for something universal happiness or is it up to the individual? We believe that people who are passionate about what they do are happy but are they? We think they are but does passion really equate to happiness? I think that if it did not then the urge and drive to continue would be lost. So then passion does equate to happiness. I believe we see passion more than we hear it as you can see fullness in the eyes as without happiness we see emptiness.  Maybe it is just me but I know when people are in their element we see it in their eyes and then hear it in their voice (or virtually in their status updates). People who talk create expectations whether that be to hear themselves and believe in themselves or to get approval. Do we need approval for happiness?

Lots of thoughts here that I am putting out there to see what do you think about passion and happiness. I did not take into account here where other emotions and life happenings come into play but does passion over come anything else in the long run?  What do you think?