You’ve Listened – Now What? 6 Ways to Take it to the Next Level

social media agencySocial media marketing is about listening and more listening then putting your right hand in, taking it out to listen more and then back in to shake it all about but then where do you go from there? Left hand in or whole body? No. But what? As you are building your community within the world of social media it is imperative to stay on track with your strategy by building personal relationships to achieve your goals. Relationships stand at the core for success in todays marketplace and are not just with potential customers. Expand your relationships by bringing others together.  It is not only about you getting business but how you can bring others together to do business. Take what you have learned by listening to the next level.

6 Ways to Take it to the Next Level

1.  One at a Time. Get to know someone by spending time talking with them and not moving on to the next person. Find out all you and how you can connect them to new people.

2. Share Offline.  Get out there and see who else is out there.  you need to get offline and bring people offline to your online. Apparently there are people who are not online.

3. Let them Help Build You.  This goes back to listening but turns into engaging. What thoughts do they have that you can incorporate into what you are doing?

4. Provide Value.  You’ve listened and now you have the knowledge of what they are feeling and need so be proactive.

5. Reward.  People who comment on your blog or retweet – reward them with a mention or a personal note. When is the last time you got a personal note or an email thanking you for a blog comment?

6. Involvement.  Get your community involved with each other. Host a face to face event, an online chat, a hashtag Q&A. It is not about you being the host, but the interaction they all have coming together.  Sort of like people watching at the mall during the Christmas/Hanukkah rush of December.

Social media is about building relationships and, at first, was as many as we can but the next phase is growing slow and steady. That is where social media is going – no ship to jump on board of, no get em while you can.  Be friends first.

Agree? Did I miss the mark?  Is being humble and more about helping others and going slow on the wrong path?

photo credit: Sreejith K